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Ivan Mejía’s strange theory about Falcao for Millonarius: ‘Pure smoke’

Ivan Mejía’s strange theory about Falcao for Millonarius: ‘Pure smoke’

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The analyst pointed out the signing, which filled Blue fans with enthusiasm.

Ivan Mejia and Falcao Garcia.
picture: file and FCF

The signature moment in Colombian football has a name, a title and a mourner: Will Falcao reach Millonarios?

Although the matter at the present time is nothing more than an illusion, Al-Azraq fans resorted to social media networks to press for the first thing, which is a meeting between the club’s board of directors and the player, taking advantage of his presence on vacation. In Colombia.

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“Everyone knows that Millonarios is my heart team since childhood. These matters are more complicated and are issues that are discussed with the family, and their (wife and daughters) decision is the important one. We have had conversations with Dr. Serpa for a long time, so we will definitely talk very soon. I think, let’s see. “It also depends on his intentions,” the player himself said at a promotional event.

Although fans are yearning for a signing of this magnitude and that FPC will win in all aspects with a promotion like this, the reality is that there is more than one hurdle: “I don’t think Millonarios will have to pay Falcao a salary.” “The hope is there and they can come together in Bogotá, talk and make an offer again, but here there is no money to pay the Saudis’ salaries. No matter how good the team is, it is not.” “It will be mortgaged,” Carlos Antonio Velez said about it.

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However, while everyone is calculating and proposing possible solutions, Ivan Mejía points in another direction: are the Falcao to Millonarios rumors just a smokescreen?

The analyst put his finger on the sore spot by recalling that the team comes from 2024 with terrible results, that it was eliminated before the conclusion of the domestic round of the 2024 Betplay I League final, and that it failed miserably in the Copa Libertadores, finishing last in their group and without a single win.

That’s why the rumors about Tigre’s possible signing seem like something else to him: “It’s very strange. Milos fails, the sticks go to Serpa and the ‘distracted’ Falcao thing comes up. Pure smoke, there’s no longer any talk about Serpa. Think wrong and you’ll be gone.” Right!!,” he said on his X account.

Would he be right? The only way to know is for the possible progress of those contacts proposed by the striker and some directors of the Bogotá club to be officially announced, although it is worth saying that the economic circumstances are very complex indeed.