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It's not water or DNA: they reveal the element that gave rise to life on Earth

It's not water or DNA: they reveal the element that gave rise to life on Earth

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a Scientific study Subordinate London university Reveal what the first molecule is The origin of life in Land Since the beginning of the world when the continents were Seas. The work revealed that it is not a common substance like water or cells Like DNA.

One of the greatest secrets in date Humanity is how the first forms of life appeared on this planet. the Sciences Several explanations have been offered, but new expert work published in the journal Science provides a definitive answer.

Neither water nor DNA: they reveal the element that gave rise to life on Earth

Billions of years ago in world There were no biological elements, only stone, ocean, and dark sky. In this environment, the first form of life appears: the cell. However, there is a primitive material required in the so-called Panthena.

These nutrients are foundational Heterotrophic theory From life that tells us that in the surface layers of the early Earth, carbon, hydrogen, water vapor and ammonia reacted to form the first organic compounds, i.e. The first beings.

In particular, the molecule studied is the one that allows most of the biological processes e.g Metabolism It is responsible for converting proteins into… energy. The team led by Matthew Bowner revealed how this substance works.

What is the scientific study that decoded the origin of life?

Use the authors of the work Molecules They formed from hydrogen cyanide, abundant in the prebiotic environment, and were able to form this important compound in water at room temperature.

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This advance suggests that Panthethena may have played a vital role in the origin of life, facilitating its emergence Chemical reactions Which led to the creation of simple precursors of proteins and RNA molecules for the first organisms.

One of the main differences between this study and previous studies lies in the components and conditions used. While previous experiments relied on acid chemistry, scientists at the University of London used ATP-rich nitrile, which provides the target potential and energy needed for the reactions.

Moreover, the chemical activity in water was carried out at Room temperature. This difference indicates that the conditions for the emergence of life may have been more common than previously thought, according to the report.

What future developments will allow us to understand the molecule that gives rise to life?

First, this work called into question the current paradigm about the environment in which the first organisms were created, some time ago Scientists They believe it originated in ponds that sometimes dried up.

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The myth that debunks this theory Water was so destructive to the origin of life, because he suggested that biological components originate in large water mirrors.

The results of the research published in the journal Science concluded that the presence of certain compounds, such as hydrogen cyanide and water, would be a promising indicator in the search for… Life outside Earth.

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