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“It’s looking more and more like Cuba.”

“It’s looking more and more like Cuba.”

A Cuban from Miami protested that he wanted to enter a store with his bag, and the local administration did not allow it.

This event happened to YouTuber Yander Serra In the city of Opa-Locka, and in his opinion, it is an example Miami is a village Like Cuba, the mentality of the people is backward.

“Just like in Cuba, a store in Opa-Loca told me to leave my bag at the door. Where we’re going, it looks like Cuba, but with coke and food,” he said. the wall FacebookWith a photograph of the establishment.

Facebook Capture / Yander Serra

Everyone who can leave Miami, where social backwardness is the same as Communism, and I mean the mentality of the people. Unexpectedly. I don’t want to generalize,” he added.

Yander said in the comments section that this kind of thing didn’t happen until a few months ago in Miami, and that it was embarrassing because he usually carries valuables and documents in a bag.

The YouTuber, originally from Manzanillo, Crossed the border and came to America last December With Mexico.

days later, They shared a video on their network with a summary of their tripFrom his last night in Havana until he reached the border, including the journey through the Darien Forest, he dedicated it to the people who traveled with him.

In Cuba, he was doing the YouTube show “Yandere Said” from Serra He was harassed by state security for his criticism to the system.

In 2020, that is A fine of 3,000 pesos was imposed for a video about whistleblowers of various types In Cuba.

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