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It transports you to the deep forests of Patagonia to take care of your mental health

It transports you to the deep forests of Patagonia to take care of your mental health

This app, powered by Corfo Aysén, is an option designed for people interested in taking care of their mental health and, at the same time, contributing to alleviating the global climate crisis.

Hundreds of hours of recordings of the forests of Chilean Patagonia, made by a research center including scientists from around the world, are contained in an audio app designed to help you sleep and feel calm. This, in conjunction with meditation and relaxation music, is the app Root wellness.

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The app is a project that brings together musicians, meditation teachers and the work of the Center for Ecosystem Research in Patagonia (CIEP). It is part of the “Healthy Parks, Healthy People” initiative, whose aim was to highlight the inherent benefits of connection with nature on the public health and well-being of residents, especially those who visit protected areas.

In addition, Root wellness an initiative developed thanks to Corfo’s Semilla Inicia program for women-led companies, is a project that seeks to bring people closer to Patagonia and nature, through well-being tools.

Macarena Diaz, part of the team that created the app, has lived for 10 years in Patagonia. “The fact that the sounds of the forest or water are relaxing and good for our health is an intuition that people have always had. I understood living next to a river. We live and think about heading south or to the beach, and this is deep down because we need to experience nature,” Diaz said in a statement. “And we know that.”

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For her part, Catalina Zepeda, another member of the team, who has also lived in Coihaique for more than 10 years, said that “of course, listening to a forest in the app does not replace being in the forest, but having access to it.” The votes prove it Deceive To the brain, which achieves a feeling of calm. That’s what prompted us to create this project: for thousands of people to have access to what we, who live in Patagonia, have at our doorsteps.

The application is available for download on Google Play and App Store It promises to get new votes every week.

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