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It is the best representative of the “bread with steak” group.

It is the best representative of the “bread with steak” group.

Alexander Otaola gave his opinion on Interview conducted by Erela Bravo with El Mañanero He concluded that the Cuban actress is part of a group Immigrants “bread and steak”.

“In this program, we call ‘Bread with Steak’ that Cuban community that seeks a status in the United States, a quiet life, without having to side against the dictatorship so that they can come back again and again and show people inside the country,” Otaola noted. They continue to be miserable.

The influencer believes that during the interview, Irela was carrying a “cowardly” and “vague” message at all times.But at the same time, she explained that even disillusioned Cubans on the island had also stopped believing in the revolution and the system, referring to the artist's not-so-year-old mother, who encouraged her to emigrate.

He added, “They are accustomed to support from outside the island and relying on what those who managed to escape can provide to them.”

Otaola, who embraced the Cuban actress and broadcaster at the end, despite tense moments during the conversation, said that the entire interview was a “handless slap” and a “kick in the stomach” from ICRT, which projects an image that is always unforgiving.

Alexander Otaola included and commented on some of the most tense moments of the conversation in his post-interview programme, moments in which he claimed Irela had tried to maintain the same attitude he had shown in previous interviews since his arrival in the United States.

In response to a question about the possibility of a change in the political system in Cuba, Irila Bravo said that she did not know, and pointed to the followers that the “Cuban political system” has around the world.

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For Ottaola Such a response was that of a “completely indoctrinated and unaware old woman”, blindly believing in the “false sympathy of the free world for dictatorship”.

“These people do not live in Cuba,” the artist admitted briefly, hinting that there is something that comes from the outside and another that he suffers from within.

Although she did not dare to mention the term “leaders” at any point, Irila Bravo said that “it is the people in Cuba who have to change and adapt to how the world develops,” to “current trends.”

However, he dropped the ball out on several occasions and pointed out that poverty, scarcity or hunger are global phenomena, with widespread representation outside Cuba.

Irila Bravo blamed the Cuban crisis on a decade marked by bad decisions and unhappy ideas that never came to fruition.

“Nothing has helped us lately… Before, we were never in abundance, there was always scarcity, there were always problems… Little hope… In the past ten years, everything we can has been done.” to achieve that”. “We did nothing to change this situation, it was a failure,” he said.

Otaola was not as strict in her judgment of the conformity shown by the actress, who referred to the 1980s as an amazing decade, despite it being a decade in which Cuba was clearly subordinate to the Soviet Union.

“Here you see the prevailing idea among these generations of Cubans: in the 1980s we were better, and this is an excuse for government manipulation, absorbing from other places without producing anything,” Otaola said. Irela Bravo's criteria was a “direct thermometer in the armpit of the island.”

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Despite the radical difference in standards, both of them did not lose their accent during the interview. She insisted on calling him “Ally,” even though she was overwhelmed at a few moments and didn't hesitate to make a few quips.

First he said: “You want me to take the scythe here and throw myself at the marabou and let the thorns fall on me;” “I feel like I'm in a classroom taking a class with Professor Otaola,” he said at another time.

Alexandre Otaola says Irila Bravo, after the reaction the interview sparked, doesn't think she'll ever be the same again.. He believes it will “modify those impressions.”

“I expect there will be a change,” added the influencer who, as a teacher, reminded Irella of this. Next time you should not overlook the phrase “freedom”; “Dick-ta-do-ra” and “re-press.”

In the past few hours, exiled Cuban doctor Alexandre Raul Bobo Casas also said he was disappointed by the attitude shown by Irila Bravo, which he said he saw as Too much “fear of the truth and complicity with lies.”

“I saw the guilty generation, the generation that feels deep remorse for the mistakes it made. I saw that cowardly generation that, even with the truth in its face, refuses to accept that its life was based on the lie we have been taught the most,” the Cuban doctor, who has been living in the United States since July, attacked. 2021, via Facebook.

The Cuban doctor said that he feels sad because he confirms that like the popular actress, there are not thousands but millions of Cubans on all beaches.

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Irella Bravo admitted in the interview that she is staying in Miami to improve the quality of life for her and her family on the island. Something he defined as the act of “survival.”

In December, it was reported that Irela Bravo was visiting Miami. In the initial interview conducted by Ian Padron He admitted that he would spend a long period of time in the United StatesAlthough at the time he did not admit that he would stay.

The actress will participate in the comedy film “Havana in Hialeah” Where she will play her famous character “Cachita”, the same character she played in the famous Cuban TV show “Vivir del Cuento”.