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“I feel very proud to live here and to be Cuban.”

“I feel very proud to live here and to be Cuban.”

Susana Perez He converted on November 30th 16 years in the United States, exactly in Miamia city that took some time to get used to, but now it feels like its own.

Famous Cuban actress I remembered the date on Instagram He said he felt “very happy that he made the decision to be here.” Every day I feel like this city is like my city“.

Even though he admitted it It was difficult for him to adapt to the cityHe never forgets the exact moment he realized he actually felt a lot of affection for this place, and that was precisely after the devastation Hurricane Irma left in its wake. Seeing the fallen trees, the dirty streets, and this scene of destruction caused him great pain.

“I will not live in Miami the number of years I lived in Cuba, or in Havana; However, it is a process of taking over little by little, feeling that this city is yours (…) I feel very proud to live here and to be Cuban “Because ultimately this city was built mainly by Cubans,” the actress added.

For Susana, the fact that people of many Latin American nationalities currently congregate in Miami also makes it very rich in diversity and culture.

The actress took the opportunity to tell a funny anecdote about her trip to the United States. First, he spent 11 hours at the Havana airport waiting for the plane, and as if that was not enough that day, he wore some shoes that he had saved for that moment, but these shoes were completely destroyed on the way: “I arrived in Miami that day.” She looked like a homeless woman.

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“All through the Miami airport, I had to drag my feet because I couldn’t walk, and my shoe fell off, which was an embarrassing thing,” he said, and although it’s a cute anecdote now, at the time he admitted it was. Somewhat annoying.

Susana arrived in the United States with only $200 in her wallet that a friend had given her, but, like many Cubans, she was very happy to be able to reunite with her daughter and meet her grandson.