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It is possible to change the color of the Apple Watch Ultra, but it won’t be cheap

It is possible to change the color of the Apple Watch Ultra, but it won’t be cheap

An Arizona jewelry store has customized the Apple Watch Ultra with an anodizing process.

Apple Watch Ultra has a titanium gray case.

De Billas Lux jewelry showed us how amazing a colorful custom Apple Watch can be blue through process anodizing. They have changed the color of the device, including a fancy gold strap, at the request of the customer and the results are a real observable wonder. Seriously, it’s such a pleasure to see the video you posted on YouTube.

Apple Watch Ultra only available with a coil Titanium casing of grey. But there are alternatives like the one offered by this jewelry house to completely customize your look.

Apple Watch Ultra in anodized blue with a gold Digital Crown

The anodizing process consists of a Electrolysis process Which is used to increase the thickness of the product oxide layer. By doing so, you can Titanium color changing As in this case, though, the most common material for this process is aluminum.

The Apple Watch Ultra’s titanium case became blue, along with the action button, while it was required Maintain the orange color of the ring digital crown.

This designation, in combination with the gold belt, he has Very unique style. We are sure that a customer who ordered this customization for their Apple Watch Ultra will be pleased with the results.

You can see how this blue Apple Watch Ultra turned out in the following video:

The company can color change Apple devices into a variety of shades. In the video it was mentioned One of the most requested colors is blackHowever, this color cannot be obtained by anodizing “because it is not in the spectrum” process.

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The cost of this anodized apple watch ultra $1499 But if you do not want to pay such a large amount of money, you can always wait for the second generation Apple Watch Ultra with micro-LED technology.