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Isabella Chancahuana: the young woman from San Marcos who seeks to train new talents in science |  News

Isabella Chancahuana: the young woman from San Marcos who seeks to train new talents in science | News

Written by: Camila Gullon

Isabella Chancahuana is 22 years old, studies physics at the National University Mayor de San Marcos, and is already an ambassador for Semillas para el Futura, a Huawei initiative that seeks to bring young people closer to STEM careers, develop their interests and have a better future. A new generation of scientists or engineers.

Her interest in this branch of science arose from a young age, perhaps partly due to her mother's dedication to it Medicine, as an obstetrician. This was his initial goal, but over the years, after working in fields more related to technology, he realized that physics could also be used for things related to communications and electronics.

declares Isabella L Andean Agency That even though the profession is very demanding, if you are doing what you truly love, it doesn't feel like a job or an obligation. He also realizes that perhaps studying basic sciences can be considered a privilege, since then Many people think that there is no field of work For this matter in Peru, but this is nothing more than an incorrect assumption.

Physics to improve health system

An example of this is the choice in which he decided, in the first place, to study physics: medical physics, which goes hand in hand with nuclear physics when it comes to improving the health system.

With this branch, research can be conducted on its use Radiation therapy to treat cancer patients How to reduce the effects of this energy on humans.

There is, too Space science, exists in institutes such as IGP, where a large amount of data related to this profession is analysed. If the student is more interested in research topics, there is also an option Theoretical physics. And finally, what prompted her to now become a spokesperson for Huawei, related to physics Communications or solid state physics.

The truth is that in this field, one has the opportunity to learn everything and study everything, since then Physics is the basis of existence About what surrounds us.

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Isabella has been studying physics for four years, and ever since she started university, her family has told her that she will meet many more men than women in her class. It became a reality. First year of school, he says There were only 4 womenwho felt a little lost in that environment, where even the teachers were all men.

Over time, things changed. Isabella comments that more and more women have joined the teaching staff, and because they are a minority they have been trained Support groups Easily. As they progressed in their degrees, they also saw more female teachers, so they gained the support of more and more people.

This got her into a group IEEE WIE Women in EngineeringFrom the same house of study. Although she thought they wouldn't let her join, because she had a full-fledged science degree and not engineering, Isabella saw in this group an opportunity. Community Unmatched. Women from different regions that were traditionally dominated by men came together to support each other and spread the word about job opportunities, volunteer opportunities, or talks.

“It's a very vibrant community; Promotes the visibility and participation of more girls in science and engineering“, he points to.

As part of this group, Isabella helped organize various discussions, but when it came to searching for the foundations, she faced the first obstacle: There are not as many female preachers as there are men..

He points out that this was one of the first Their confrontation with the reality they experiencedAnd make them Realizing how important women's visibility in science is.

Well, if girls only saw guys showcasing their business, they wouldn't be able to recognize themselves or see themselves in that situation. “I think this is important because it reflects and allows more girls and women to take a role and say well, she can because she likes it because she is good, so if I like it, then I study, I am also good and I can reach my goal, no?”

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The position of women in science

For Chancahuana, the visibility of female scientists is important Extremely important for the growth of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. In Peru. “I think this is important because it reflects and allows more girls and women to take a role and say: ‘Okay, if she can devote herself to this because she loves it and because she is good, then if she likes it, I will do it.’ I study and I am good too, I can reach my goal, right? ?”

Using the famous proverb “Seeing is believing,” Isabella explains that seeing creates big differences. This is because, although girls may have support at home or be filled with motivating words, sometimes if they do not have a role model or role model, The possibility of devoting yourself to science and making a difference in the world may seem very remote And almost utopian.

Moreover, the existence of these roles can Preparing future scientists to face obstacles and challenges Which they will face once they enter the field of science. “There is still a gap, and unfortunately there are still prejudices, so having a mentor and advisor that you look up to and who can support you is important,” she says.

Training talents in science

Her journey in search of this representation led her to listen to various lectures and conferences, thanks to which she was able to receive help, advice and counsel from the preachers who presented there.

In addition, she had the opportunity to travel abroad as part of her work as a Seeds for the Future spokesperson to attend a meeting for women in STEM, thanks to which she was able to make another group of friends connected by their love of science. , who now reside in different parts of the world.

Isabella also points this out There are still many spaces and topics to be investigated in relation to physicsThese are topics that may not have been considered before, but thanks to the diverse experiences that women have in their daily lives, they can be properly explored.

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“There is a lot to focus on, not that women are more sensitive and receptive, but sometimes we have to be vigilant and this allows us to see new opportunities to develop different initiatives, some of which are related to the issue of cybersecurity, for example,” they explain.

As a message to all young girls looking to dedicate themselves to STEM, Isabella believes that one of the factors they should consider more is Your love or interest in these sciences. Do you really think it's a job you'll enjoy?

Moreover, he points out that it is extremely important that To be aware of all the branches offered by these sciencesBecause people often don't know what these studies really are.

If girls find a branch that excites them and interests them enough to feel that this work motivates them and that they enjoy it to the fullest, this is their opportunity to immerse themselves in STEM fields.

Isabella advises that they take advantage now that there are more and more boys and girls interested in these fields, which will allow the creation of communities made up of women who will come to provide all the necessary help and support to be much easier.

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Publication date: 02/16/2024