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Is Belinda still wearing the engagement ring Nodal gave her?  The truth behind the viral video

Is Belinda still wearing the engagement ring Nodal gave her? The truth behind the viral video

Controversy continues over the (now non-existent) relationship between the Mexican regional music singer, Christian Nodal A Hispanic businesswoman, Belinda, who took over the conversation in recent weeks after announcing (each in their own way) the break-up of their relationship that was already in the process of formalization.

In this context, rumors and theories began to rain down on what really happened between the two, without knowing the exact details yet about the reasons for this. Streptococcus and Belinda They are no longer together and have been a topic of conversation between those who support their decision and those who want to know more about their breakup.

However, it seems that those who don’t want to continue on this topic are the celebrities themselves, no less, in recent years both have been surrounded by the rosy press after announcing their relationship and later commitment to the altar.

And it was this particular episode that raised rumors and questions about what was happening to the couple, and it turned out that the popular singer “Neither Freud nor your motherShe appeared on social networks doing what she loves and what she is professional Modeling and Advertising.

The truth about the video

The singer uploaded a video of her Instagram account Belindapop Advertising a popular smartphone brand is something out of the ordinary and as we mentioned, an activity in it Belinda It is very good, however, it has attracted the attention of fans and followers strongly on social networks.

the ring that has Streptococcus He concluded his commitment to reach the altar, which was the subject of “intense discussions” on social networks and in entertainment programmes, apparently embellished with his hand. BelindaWhich raised doubts about the reasons for continuing to accompany him or not ending the relationship between her and her. Streptococcus;

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The truth is that the ad was taped weeks before the ad pierce (in November) At that time the young singer proudly wore the gem that became the subject of curiosity as to what would happen to her.

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