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Interviews for work visa renewal for the United States have been canceled

Interviews for work visa renewal for the United States have been canceled

The US State Department Announced its recognition this week Embassies All over the world to free criminals Interviews Face to face renewal of certain types of work visas Student And exchange.

The move is aimed at reducing the visa renewal waiting time. This exemption will be in effect until December 2022.

Exemption Visa Types H-1B, for those in special occupations; For H-3 The audience In training or special education; L for those with extraordinary abilities or achievements, O for athletes, artists and entertainers; And P and Q, for participants in international cultural exchange programs.

Similarly, exemption visas for their renewal for face-to-face appointments Farm workers And temporary non-agricultural, H-2, students, F and M, and The audience Transfer student, J.

“The State Department Recognizes the positive impact of temporary work visa holders on the U.S. economy and is committed to facilitating non-travel travel. Immigrants And reduce visa waiting time, ”the document said.

“Epidemic COVID-19 Led to a profound reduction in the department’s visa processing capacity. We are taking these temporary steps to further enhance our commitment to reduce visa waiting time safely and efficiently as global travel recovers, ”he added.

The move comes with the approval of the US Department of Homeland Security.

Requirements for applying for a waiver

Consulted Free magazine, Gabriel Hurst, Spokesperson Embassy of the United States Inside Santo Domingo He pointed out that most applicants who want to renew their visa may be eligible for a discount scheme for an interview with an embassy official. Embassy Of the United States of America.

To apply for this renewal process without an interview, the person must meet the following requirements described below: ||

  • Be a Dominican citizen or a legal resident of the country

  • If you are not a Dominican citizen but a permanent resident of the Dominican Republic legally, your last visa must be issued in Santo Domingo

  • You must apply for a visa renewal of the same classification

  • The visa to be renewed must be issued with multi-entry and full validity

  • The visa to be renewed must be valid or have expired within 48 months

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“If eligible, the applicant must complete the visa application Immigrant Register your biometrics online and schedule an appointment at the Visa Service Center to leave your passport. Then the embassy official will go to settle your request, ”Hurst said Free magazine.

He also stressed that all applicants over the age of 14 and under the age of 80 applying for a visa for the first time should be interviewed by an embassy official.

Recently, The Embassy American appointments in the country were suspended Interviews Of visas Immigrants Due to limited staffing, it was scheduled for December 27th and 30th COVID-19.

Includes cancellation Interviews Emergency visas and K-1 type visas for prospective spouses.

He holds a degree in Social Communication from the Catholic University of Santo Domingo and a Masters Degree in Journalism from the University of Puerto Rico. He is currently coordinating the Diario Libre USA section on issues of Dominican immigration and the United States.