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Instagram arrives with a private live stream: how to use it

Instagram arrives with a private live stream: how to use it

The app wants users to create content that is more specific to a nearby community. (Instagram)
Instagram has launched a new tool that allows its users to conduct private live broadcasts, exclusively targeting their best friends list. With this function, the application seeks to provide more intimate and personal communication options, which is ideal for users who want to create specific content.

Since its introduction in 2016, the app’s live streaming has become a key tool for influencers, celebrities, and users looking to connect with their audiences in real-time. but, These broadcasts have always been public, and can be accessed by anyone following the user’s account.

With the new privacy setting, Instagram now allows only those who the user has added to their best friends list to view the live broadcast.. This feature provides a secure and private way to share moments live, without the pressure of doing so in front of a larger audience.

The app wants users to create content that is more specific to a nearby community. (Reuters/Dado Rovik/Illustration/archive photo)

Activating this new option is simple and takes place in a few steps. Here we will explain to you how to do this:

  1. Open the Instagram camera from the app.
  2. Select the “Live” option in the bottom options wheel.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, tap the “All” button.
  4. Select “Best Friends” from the menu that appears.
  5. Start broadcasting by pressing the camera button.

If you follow these steps and don’t see the option, make sure your app is updated. You can check for updates in the Play Store or App Store. If the option is still not there after the update, it’s possible that the feature is not available for your account yet, but don’t worry, Instagram is gradually rolling out this feature.

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When one of your best friends goes directly to their best friends list, you’ll see a green ring around their name with the word “Live.” next to, You’ll receive a notification (unless you disable this option) inviting you to join the broadcast.

Instagram notes that this tool can be used for various activities: from sharing spontaneous thoughts and communicating with friends to sharing funny photos, planning trips, doing errands together, or just passing time in real time. The ability to limit the audience to a close group of friends makes users feel more comfortable and confident in sharing more personal aspects of their lives.

The app wants users to create content that is more specific to a nearby community. (dpa)

With this new update, Instagram users can choose between three types of audiences for their live streams:

  • general– The broadcast is visible to all users or only to followers if they have a private account.
  • Dearest friends– Only people on your best friends list can watch the live broadcast.
  • Practice– An ideal choice for those who want to practice without actually streaming. This broadcast is not visible to anyone and allows you to switch to a real audience at any time.

Meta announced that it will temporarily suspend its AI training project in Europe. The decision comes after the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) requested information in response to multiple complaints filed by activist group the European Center for Digital Rights (NOYB).

The app wants users to create content more specific to a nearby community. (Reuters/Dado Rovik/Illustration/archive photo)

This means that Meta will not continue developing its project to feed its artificial intelligence with public information from users on Instagram and Facebook.

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The company says the request from Irish regulators represents a setback for Europe in terms of innovation and competition in the field of artificial intelligence.

They stress that they have already incorporated regulatory recommendations into the development of Meta AI, and that EU data protection authorities have been informed of this since March.