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Ofrecen recompensa para encontrar quién tapó orificios de un caimán en EE.UU.

In the United States they offer a reward for finding out who drilled holes for a crocodile.

The Florida authorities (USA) and pro-animal associations offer a reward of 500 to 6,500 for any information that may lead to the arrest of a person or persons with their mouths closed and a crocodile blindfolded by a pipe tape in the river of this state. .

Last month, when a couple was found near the Wekima River in Seminole County (Northeast Florida), some unscrupulous people closed their mouths, covered their eyes with duct tape, and picked up a local News 6 channel.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is investigating this scourge of animal cruelty.

“Wild animals are protected by law, which is a very serious crime because it could be part of a broader form of cruelty to animals,” said Stephen Wells, managing director of the Animal Law Protection Fund. Animals by legal framework.

Wells praised the FWC’s prompt intervention and its interest in resolving this animal cruelty case and in investigating similar incidents.

Deliberately injuring, capturing, possessing or killing a crocodile is considered a third degree crime in Florida.

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