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Colombia - United States - The United States will provide economic assistance to the international community

Colombia – United States – The United States will provide economic assistance to the international community

Brian A., nominated by the President of the United States. Nichols, Joe Biden, As head of Latin America in the Foreign Office, described the situation in Colombia as “complicated” since April 28, which has faced strong opposition since April 28.

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Nichols spoke during a confirmed hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where he recalled that Colombia was a longtime ally of the United States.

“The situation in Colombia is complicated, and that country is a friendly country United States In the long run, we will have to engage with President (Ivan) Duke, ”he asserted.

He pointed out that if it is confirmed that he is the first African-American to hold that position for more than four decades, it is important to support Colombia in dealing with the economic crisis caused by the epidemic. One reason why Government of Colombia Proposed tax reform.

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Nichols He recalled that although mobilizations had begun in the country against the already withdrawn Duke government’s financial reform and included in the health reform, now the protests include claims such as ending police brutality.

In addition, he announced that if elected, he would make it a priority to increase tensions in the country and restart the path of implementing it. Peace agreements.

The nominee was in favor of maintaining “economic pressure” on the situation in Venezuela and the government of President Nicolas Maduro, accusing him of using “delayed tactics” to prevent “free and fair elections.” .

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The United States imposed a series of sanctions Venezuela From the freezing of personal property of officials or persons associated with the Maduro government to the prohibition of doing business with that country.

In addition, Nichols insisted that the government’s decision Explicit Donald Trump The ban on oil and diesel trading by non-US companies has been “reviewed” by the Biden administration.

When asked about Cuba, he acknowledged that Washington’s policy on the island was “under consideration” and pointed to the president. Miguel Diaz-Colonel It does not seem to be “significantly different from its predecessors.”


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