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In the middle of a police chase, she stops to order food at a McDonald's and gets arrested

In the middle of a police chase, she stops to order food at a McDonald’s and gets arrested

Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters

A woman from Worcester, Massachusetts, was arrested when she stopped to order some chicken nuggets at McDonald’s, during a police chase that lasted less than two hours, according to Boston.com.

to RT

On July 6, Worcester Police officers responded to a notice regarding a stolen truck belonging to Raymond James Restoration Inc. Although company employees did not witness the theft, the person responsible, identified as 38-year-old Johanna Gardell, was tracked by the vehicle’s GPS.

The women did not comply when they ordered her to stop the truck and managed to escape from the customers, Skip the red lightsAnd the Driving in reverse And colliding with various vehicles.

When a police officer tried to stop the woman, Gardel Attack him with blows, for which the agent had to be taken to the hospital.

The chase ended when Gardel decided Order food at McDonald’s self service, where she was arrested by agents who blocked her way.

“I was Chicken nuggets order illusion [los empleados del local] They really made him wait for him,” said Raymond James Simoncini, the truck owner. “Customers called ahead to make him wait and slow down the queue,” he explained.

The woman is currently facing 15 charges and will appear in court on July 13.

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