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Impressive video of a small fishing boat surrounded by dozens of hungry sharks

Impressive video of a small fishing boat surrounded by dozens of hungry sharks

The fishermen captured how the sharks devoured the school of fish around their small boat

A group of friends were fishing in a small boat off the coast of Venice, Louisiana, when they saw a sight. A spectacular feeding frenzy of dozens of sharks surrounds him.

The scene, which was recorded on a fisherman’s camera, went viral on social media.

Fisherman Dillon May told the company Storytelling He and his friends were hoping to catch a tuna when the surface of the water began to rumble. At first they thought it was a shoal of tuna, and, hoping to catch some of these fish, they sailed straight into the melee.

“And then we saw it There were sharks in a package of baitWe’ve never seen it before!” May said. “No shrimp boats in sight!” warned that

The video shows the sharks giving a very frantic chase Bait ball – collection of small fishes- It even hit the sides of the ship.

Witnesses of the event described that at one point, more than a dozen sharks swooped on the boat. The small fish tried to take shelter under it.

May said The sharks used the boat to their advantage.

Also, the fishermen got wet and the boat got flooded due to heavy splashing by the predators.

The boat was about 24 kilometers off the coast of Venice, Louisiana (Southeastern United States) when they saw a large school of fish stirring as if boiling the water.

“When we arrived, the sharks had already found the pods and pushed them against the boat to feast on,” recalls May.

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