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“Imminent divorce”?: New details about what JLo and Ben Affleck will go through

“Imminent divorce”?: New details about what JLo and Ben Affleck will go through

Since last May 15, various media outlets in the United States have reported that the couple was meant to be To the point of final separationAlthough the singer and actor did not come out to specifically deny or confirm the rumors.

What happens between J Lo and Ben Affleck?

According to Celebrity Portal, “Obviously Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They are going to divorce“.

“Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ JLo and Ben use real estate agent Santiago Arana The outlet highlighted that the agency is selling the home they purchased just over a year ago.

Beverly Hills housing is worth a little more than that 60 million dollarsAccording to the information.

TMZ insisted that “The Diva of the Bronx” and the actor were married “He’s in serious trouble”: “Ben has already moved out of the house and into a rented place in Brentwood.”

“Our sources say so JLo is already looking for a new home“, he claimed.

What is known about the sale of J Lo and Ben’s mansion

On June 5, the Daily Mail confirmed that the mansion would be for sale. The British newspaper cited information obtained from the Zillow.com real estate catalog, where pictures of the luxury property were published between June 1 and June 5.

According to the data, this has been determined The house is still listed as “sold.”. A day after the Daily Mail’s publication, the Las Top News portal highlighted this “It is not true that they put their palace up for sale.”.

The appearance of photos of the house on Zillow.com appeared to respond, the media claimed “common practice” Location and “it is not that it has been republished, as was said, but what happens when you enter the specific address of a place, the sales history is reflected, especially the last acquisition, which was in 2023, the date on which Ben and JLo bought” the residence.

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However, TMZ insisted this weekend that real estate agent Santiago Arana claims “ The house has been shown “For about two weeks, which is consistent with clear signs of trouble between Ben and Jane.”

The English media explained on Saturday, August 8, that “so far there are no buyers.”

The alleged crisis between Ben and JLo

On May 15, a source cited by InTouch magazine confirmed that the couple was “about to get divorced”.

Since then, informants from various English-language media outlets have confirmed that there will be an alleged crisis between celebrities, who seem to be sending confusing signals to public opinion since recent times. They appeared alone with and without their wedding ringWhich raises more doubts about his status.

J.Lo’s colleague comes to her defense in the middle of a conference when she is asked about Ben Affleck