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Immigration has been “eliminated” in San Isidro due to the high concentration of illegal immigrants

Immigration has been “eliminated” in San Isidro due to the high concentration of illegal immigrants

The General Directorate of Migration (DGM) intervened in the San Isidro el Labrador housing complex located in the municipal sector of Santo Domingo Este and bearing the same name San Isidro, due to the intense influx of illegal immigrants and the installation of rental company rooms and uneven mattresses.

According to a report by the site’s security director, Kelvin Rodriguez, foreigners, who are legal, benefit from renting apartments for amounts of around R$15,000 to tenants who usually live outside the country and are not aware of the situations that arise.

Under this umbrella, those to whom houses are rented divide the space, collect fees for rooms and mattresses, and even distribute them to the ceilings during sleeping hours.

“Since more than 20 people enter the same house, and they do not fit in it, what they do is that at night they raise the mattresses to the roofs of the buildings, they sleep there and in the morning they come down naturally, and this is a situation,” Rodriguez told reporters from Listin Diario.

Between Thursday night and last Friday, after receiving repeated complaints from residents, the Immigration Department arrested about fifteen illegal Haitians at the complex.

It won’t be enough

More than 14,000 people live in the residential complex, according to the security chief, distributed among about 4,288 apartments, which are in turn divided into blocks, of which only one takes precautions with the people who come to live in it.

“Each building has its own neighborhood council that makes decisions about the building, and only in Building K are they responsible for ensuring that those who move there do not cause a future problem,” he said.

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In all the remaining buildings, they experienced the situation that has now left them on alert and seeking continuous assistance from the Immigration Directorate.

However, although that is part of the solution, the DG’s actions are not all that the problem is worth.

“Now it is up to the neighborhood associations themselves to make decisions on what they will do because they cannot evict them because they are renting an apartment and although we have tried to communicate with the owners, we have not had good results.” He said.

Some neighbors who spoke with Listín Diario confirmed this information.