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Iberojet and Iberia reduce flights to Cuba for “operational reasons”

Iberojet and Iberia reduce flights to Cuba for “operational reasons”

Some airlines in Spain have reported that they will reduce and close flights to Cuba due to low ticket sales. Among these airlines is Iberojet, which will cease operations between the Spanish capital and Santiago in eastern Cuba.

This company opened offices in the largest Antilles in 2021. The first route to the second most important Cuban province took place in November of the previous year.

The official of the Spanish agency Cuba to Like, Yosefani Guerra, commented that the final maneuver of the Iberojet to Santiago will take place on September 29. Mr Guerra said the Iberojet authorities had justified the decision to cancel on “operational grounds”.

Other options for passengers

Passengers with reservations after the last date for flights to Santiago de Cuba, are checked-in for flights to Havana. Other users preferred a refund for paying for a direct ticket to Santiago via Cubana de Aviación.

With this variant, customers have the option of carrying three pieces of baggage. Commercial specialists explained that the reasons for the decline in demand lie in the conditions of the city of Santiago to receive foreigners.

These analysts believe that Santiago does not have enough high-quality hotels or an all-inclusive program with recreational attractions for tourists.

In addition, the Iberia brand will reduce its weekly flights to Havana Airport to three times a week. However, this airline will increase its movements to Latin American countries by more than 300 flights per week. These procedures will be effective from October 28 of this year until March 30, 2024.

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One place that will benefit from the increase in Iberia operations is the Dominican Republic. This Caribbean country will host 9 flights per week in January and 10 in February next year.

In June, it was learned that Iberia, World2fly, Iberojet and Air Europe were having trouble selling 50% of their capacity to Cuba.