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“I blocked him from recording”: Irina Paeva, jealous?  This says about Gabriel Soto's work with EX

“I blocked him from recording”: Irina Paeva, jealous? This says about Gabriel Soto’s work with EX

Irina Paiva She broke her silence about the rumors that she claimed she was jealous when she found out about her fiancé Gabriel Soto He had to work with his ex-partner Martha Julia In a remake of the telenovela La madrastra.

During her last meeting with the press, the Russian actress decided to definitively clarify her position on this subject, and hesitated in front of the Mexican in her supposed reaction and said: “Actually, I prevented him from recording. … But don’t listen to me, so … No, it’s not true. It’s a joke, of course not!”

Then, Paiva emphasized that she was so confident in her boyfriend that she had no problem knowing he would work with her. “It has to be based on trust, right? I have complete confidence in Gabriel and if I didn’t have that I guess I wouldn’t be with him or anyone, because the truth is I think trust is the foundation of a relationship, it’s like the solid foundation of a home, and if it wasn’t You have it, you will have nothing, there is no point in continuing to build a relationship, if you do not have trust, you will have total trust, you can sign up with whoever wants and I am on an equal footing.”

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In the same way, Irina said that Soto had already recorded some scenes with her ex-husband. “He was already working with Martha Julia, he told me and it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, no, no, the truth is no, because as I’m telling you, it’s about trusting the other person, so if he’s with her or she’s with any other ex-partner’ Or I was working with one of my ex-partners, there shouldn’t have been a problem,” according to Agencia México.

And since Aracely Arámbula, another of her former partners, is also in the same melodrama, the 29-year-old actress answered the question of whether she believes in the predictions of some clairvoyant who Gabriel nor Scholl They could have a love reunion.

“If we pay attention to all the fortune-tellers, and all the things they say about us, we’ll already have about 6 children, and 6 weddings, and many other things that, I think, are not fulfilled,” he said.

This is how he will celebrate Father’s Day and his wedding

on the other side, paiva Admit how Soto will celebrate next Father’s Day. “She’ll get her little gifts, we’ll celebrate with her daughters, we can’t just be on Sundays, because Gabriel has a few things to do in DallasIt’s business events and we only have a trip with the girls and we’re going to celebrate it as a dad outside of Mexico.”

Finally, when Irina talked about her wedding plans, she revealed that she felt some exhaustion and pressure due to all the setbacks they went through, especially since her family cannot travel to Mexico, but she emphasized: “The most important thing is that we are together and it will be when it should be.”

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