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“I am old”, Carioca salutes the controversial statements of Peugo Mediotempo

“I am old”, Carioca salutes the controversial statements of Peugo Mediotempo

Monterey, NL /

It’s been several days since the deletion tigers In the quarter-finals against Pachucain which Michael Herrera As justification for the failure, he said his equipment was already old, and would have to be refurbished.

Currently, Rafael Carioca He brought back this controversy, because he wrote in his Instagram stories “I’m old”, because of these Herrera’s words.

Carioca is 33 years old, and although he played as a rookie, he appeared on several occasions as a substitute because something did not convince the helmsman of his actions.

What did the louse say?

“Me or anyone else who’s coming in will get the generational change that won, people get upset because you take out one player or another and you try to rejuvenate the team and then somebody’s going to get it, if it’s not me that’s coming in, there’s going to be a change and it has to happen, Gignac is not Forever.”

“I see him (Gignac) running and fighting, but that’s never, at some point they’re going to have to pull out or go or give up their place to youngsters and DT that comes or I have to think about that, all of a sudden it doesn’t seem to people that many people are aged Already 35, 37, 34 (age) are the second oldest team in the tournament and we have to think about that, the team changes, we found that with the board, we didn’t plan the date, today with this team and the people who killed each other, they achieved successful things, we have to do With a generation disgusting what they did with this generation,” El Piojo said when they wiped out a team.