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Chivas evaded controversy after two penalties were revoked

Chivas evaded controversy after two penalties were revoked

Mexico City /

Chivas Played well on Steel Giant and drowned Planned In the final minutes of the second half, which gave him a precious 3-2 win, although before that there were two controversial measures that could benefit Chivas.

In the first at the 71st minute, Angel Zaldivar Big Ball Squadron’s Uriel Anton Who won the back Luis Gustavo Sanchez, Who had to overthrow him to prevent him from facing Hugo Gonzalez.

In principle, hissing Eduardo Galvan Score the penalty kick, Although the procedure has been reviewed in detail with Where And ended with Exceed your decision, Which was granted to Sanchez only due to a foul at the edge of a large area.

It was repeated later

After 12 minutes, another controversial action was introduced at the meeting, this time thanks to the fact that it was Angel Zaldivar Stole a ball from Cesar Montes, Who also had to foul the Chivas striker, resulting in a penalty kick.

However, one more time The play was reviewed by a video assistant referee The tag was misplaced in a specific action.