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Liga MX: ESPN journalist hints at Chivas 'help' to qualify for the Repechage

Liga MX: ESPN journalist hints at Chivas ‘help’ to qualify for the Repechage

After a victory Chivas Reyadas from Guadalajara Against Rayados de Monterrey and his jump to Rabechage areaE, by 19 points, in the ninth place, press from ESPN, John Sutcliffe, He released a poisoned comment on social media, leaving a very clear hint against the Guadalajara team.

Sutcliffe, who is a self-admitted fan of America Eagles Club, The strong competitor of Chivas del Guadalajara, left a clear hint against Flock, hinting that Guadalajara was favored or pushed to qualify for the Repechage due to the economic interests of the Liga MX itself.

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The journalist commented that it would be millions of dollars that Liga MX would lose if Chivas did not participate in the Repechage of the Clausura 2021, as it is one of the most popular teams in the country which generates more ratings for TV stations.

He published, “Millions of dollars are wasted if Chivas does not play in the play-off match. Liga BBVAMX TVs.”

Sutcliffe’s comment came from the fact that in the match against Raidos, the herd was favored by the referee with fouls scoring and yellow cards omitted against Rogelanco, all this despite the fact that Guadalajara was nullified until two penalties.

After Sutcliffe was published, he did not wait for the reaction of the fans, because while some clapped and repeated what the journalist said, others were annoyed by his words, asking him to be more clear and objective in his comments.

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