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Mexico insists it wants to join the brothers Luca and Tobias Romero in El Tre

Mexico insists it wants to join the brothers Luca and Tobias Romero in El Tre

Tri Sub 17 coach Luis Perez confirmed they are still waiting for “Messi of Mexico”, after working with his twins.

Tobias Romero, Luca Romero’s brother, has served on the Mexican national U-17 team Directed by Luis Perez, the goalkeeper seeks to establish himself with the tricolor while Mexico does not lose the dream of having twins in its national representatives.

“ People from domains and people from the national team structure have close relationships with him (Luca Romero), But We will always be aware of your business. I tell you and I repeat, you always have to be present because it is You must have the best players available for the Mexican national team“Then someone who can contribute the jersey with great pride will always be welcome,” commented Luis Perez, Mexico Under-17 coach.

Calling Tobías Romero is the first approach in which the two brothers are used in the tricolor. Tobías, like Luka, They can play for Argentina, Spain or MexicoHis first call was to a national representative from the Mexican national team, while his brother responded to a call from Albiceleste, a few months ago.

“I saw Tobias very well, we were already following him, the national team and the explorers had a very good vision of him, we watched him closely, we watched videos of him and I think he was in the order that we are managing the national team and now that we got him closely, we were able to Take advantage of him. I think he is an extraordinary human being, a great professional who can compete without a doubt for a place in the national team, so I am happy because I think he has a very important focus and for us it was interesting to be able to meet him closely, ”he admitted Lewis Perez.

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Mexico will continue to call Tobias Romero for the U-17 team and not lose the dream of joining him with his brother Luca, who plays for Mallorca and is considered one of the main promises at the international level.