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Huge Jamal Musiala led Germany to victory over Hungary at the Mercedes-Benz Arena

Huge Jamal Musiala led Germany to victory over Hungary at the Mercedes-Benz Arena


Germany beat Hungary 1-0 in the second round of the 2024 European Championship. The Germans are looking to win to be the first to qualify for the round of 16.

The goal was scored by Jamal Musiala in the 22nd minute after a series of rebounds that Gundogan fought for, which ended with the Bayern Munich player signing. Orban asked for a foul to be called, but the referee refused.

Confirmed alliances

Germany: Noir. Kimmich, Rudiger, Tah, Mittelstadt, Andrich, Kroos, Gundogan; Musiala, Wirtz and Havertz.

Hungary: Golaxy. Viola, Urban, Darday; Nagy, Schaefer, Paula, Karkez; Salai, Szoboszlai and Varga.

Germany And Swisswhich made its first appearance in Euro Cup With its victory, it could become the first team to qualify for the round of 16 on Wednesday, while Croatia qualified for the semi-finals of the tournament. World Cup 2022There is no room for error against Albania.

He confirms his departure from Real Madrid: “Now there is Mbappe, Vinicius, Rodrigo, Bellingham; There’s no room for me.”

Veteran-led selection Luka Modric He suffered a correction on the first day, falling to 3-0 Spainso duel him in front Albania It is truly crucial for the future of Croatians.

“I apologize for this bad display,” coach Zlatko Dalic said after the match against Spain. In addition to winning, the Croatians must look for a convincing performance to regain the trust of their fans.

The Albanians also suffered a 2-1 defeat on the first day against Italy, so the team that loses the match in Hamburg (1pm GMT) will have few options to advance to the crossroads.

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After starting the day with this match in Group Two (Spain and Italy play on Thursday), comes the turn of Group A, where the second match for host Germany will be held. (10:00 AM – ESPN).

The combination of youth and experience in Julian Nagelsmann’s side appears to have paid off after an impressive 5-1 win over Scotland in the opening match of the tournament.

Against Hungary, the Germans will certainly find it more difficult to win in Stuttgart, but a win would have the bonus of qualifying for the round of 16, which is another reason why local fans will continue to dream of the title.

Despite the huge difference in winners from both teams (the Germans have four World Cups and three European Championships, while the Hungarians have never won a major trophy), the head-to-head ties are very even, with Germany having 13 wins and 11 wins. For Hungary, 12 draws.

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Switzerland faces a situation similar to that of the host country, after its victory over Hungary 3-1 in the opening match, and a victory over Scotland in Cologne (7:00 pm GMT) will mean sports classification for the round of 16 and the possibility of playing for first place in the last match against Germany.