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Cómo proteger tu WhatsApp para evitar hackeos

How to protect your WhatsApp to avoid hacking

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in the world to communicate with our contacts, loved ones or friends. But it is also an app that can be spied on, so we will tell you about it How you can protect your WhatsApp to avoid hacking.

There are hundreds of scams out there on WhatsApp, like the last A scam in which he gave you 50 euros in memory of WhatsApp. Today we are going to show you one of the best ways you can protect the access to your WhatsApp account as much as possible.

WhatsApp also has an option that allows us to do that Lock it with a password Or using biometric methods from the app itself, but we’ll show you how you can activate two-step verification to add more security to the app.

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Protect your WhatsApp with two-step verification

The two step verification of whatsapp It’s been with us for a while and may be activated by default. With two-step verification you will have to Create a 6-digit digital PIN. This PIN will help you log into WhatsApp when you open it on a new device.

Follow these steps to activate two-step verification for WhatsApp:

  1. The first step will be to open WhatsApp and access the settings by clicking The dots are in the upper right area.

  1. Now you have to click “law Project”.

Image - How to protect your WhatsApp to avoid hacking

  1. After that, you will see the option “2-step verification”.

Image - How to protect your WhatsApp to avoid hacking

  1. In the next window you can Activate, deactivate or add email To be able to recover your account in case you forgot your PIN.
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Image - How to protect your WhatsApp to avoid hacking

This function will also help you to Prevent anyone from using your WhatsApp number and being able to hack youThis way you will always be the one who accepts the connection, because WhatsApp will ask you for this PIN randomly and whenever you log in for the first time on a new device.

Add a second layer of security to WhatsApp It makes everything more secure, but there’s still a big problem. Although it is not easy to do this, it is possible for criminals to make an exact copy of your SIM card and place it in another device.

The problem is not only that the scammer can enter your WhatsApp, but can log into every social network and website where your mobile phone is in order to do so. for this reason We can add another layer of security. Thus avoiding having to use our number for it.

What exactly are authentication apps? This is one of the safest and recommended ways that we should be able to protect all of our accounts. With these apps, you can always generate a random 6-digit PIN which will change periodically.

authentication apps

Some The safest, most useful and popular authentication apps They may be:

  1. Google Authenticator: It is one of the most used app for two factor login. The only drawback of this app is that it doesn’t have the option to be able to block it with your fingerprint or PIN and we won’t be able to get backups either.
  2. 1 password: This is an application where we can have our own password manager for everything, in addition, we can enable two-step authentication.
  3. Authy: It is undoubtedly the best app to enable two-factor authentication, but we can also create backups, use different devices and block the app with a PIN or biometric.
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as you have seen, Protecting WhatsApp is one of the best ways to be more secure against hackingFortunately, WhatsApp has several levels of security and is a secure application with which you can talk to your friends and family whenever you want with complete security.

How to protect WhatsApp from cybercriminals