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How to play triqui or three online from Google Chrome

How to play triqui or three online from Google Chrome

Triqui is a strategy game for two players played on a 3×3 board. (screenshot)

Google has created a new entertainment option, the famous game known as “Tricky“, “three in a row”“,”Zeros And crosses“,”tatiti “orcat”which can now be run from the Chrome browser.

Triqui is a strategy game for two where you only need a gamepad 3 x 3 squares. Each person is assigned a code, usually a “x“or one”alsoThe alternate turns to place their token on an empty space on the board.

The goal is to arrange three of your tokens in a row, column or diagonal before the other player does.

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Each player is assigned a token, usually an “X” and an “O”. (screenshot)

To beat Google at triqui, you simply have to search for the word “three in a row” (or type triqui) in the search engine, and a green panel will appear where you can choose the symbol you want to play with.

Immediately start the game by marking the first square where the token will be placed, Google will be the next player, and so on until there is a winner or a tie.

You must collect as many winnings as possible, and if you wish, you can take a screenshot and share it with a Google user on Twitter. There are already many comments in which users assume they have defeated the system.

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the first Strategy game, considered as such, has no known origin. Some sources indicate that he may have been born in ancient times Egypt, the old Rome or in India.

Pac-Man, the game available on Google. (screenshot)

To access the games, you have to type the name you want to access in the Chrome browser. Even though Google Home is on special dates, it becomes the private version of the title, as happened with “pac manIn celebration of its thirtieth anniversary.

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SingleAlso available. The goal is to move all the cards on the table to the top pillars in ascending order, starting with the ace and ending with the king.

The Google version has a scoring system and allows you to choose between three levels of difficulty.

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Solitaire, the game available on Google. (screenshot)

Dino Run It is also on Google and is used when offline, and consists of running and jumping over obstacles as the dinosaur advances through the desert. Your goal is to keep the dinosaur alive as long as possible and each level gets faster.

This game can be started by simply tapping on the screen.

Beethoven’s 245th birthdayIs another interactive game created in honor of the birthday Ludwig van Beethoven Its purpose is to create music and harmony.

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To access you must type in the search engine: “Beethoven’s 245th birthday doodleThe first link that appears is reached.

In addition, there issnakeWhere you have to guide the snake across the screen so that it eats the apple and grows in length. You must prevent it from hitting the walls or its own tail.

“Halloween Cat Game”, an addictive Halloween game where you have to help a cat to fight against ghosts and monsters. (screenshot)

Finally, there’sHalloween cat gameWhere you must help a cat to fight against ghosts and monsters.

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