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Venus’s volcano, Ma’at Mons, is still active today

Venus’s volcano, Ma’at Mons, is still active today

Maat Mons, the volcano on Venus, continues to spew glowing material from the planet’s bowels to the surface. This is what we know.

If I knew that Venus has an active volcanoprobably Dr. Atl He was going crazy. As a master of Mexican muralism, he devoted a large part of his work to the representation of the spitting giant Glowing matter from the bowels of the Earth.

Venus is known as Earth’s “twin brother”.. Especially since they share similar dimensions and structures. but, Explain NASA, the second planet in the solar system “has intense surface heat and a thick, toxic atmosphere.” In addition to the lack of a magnetic field, this causes The planet is unable to support life as we know it.

However, astronomers know that at some point in its natural history, Universe It overflowed into the vast oceans. Although there are scholars discard Given this possibility, it appears that our neighbor in the solar system retains some of its volcanic activity. Especially in Ma’at Mons, one of the highest volcanoes on Venus. This is what we know about her.

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Venus spews boiling lava

NASA/Wikimedia Commons

Just like Mars, Venus is a dusty and inhospitable place. And what’s more: NASA astronomers have documented heavy yellow clouds laden with sulfuric acid. These concentrations of gases trap heat and cause “runaway greenhouse effect«, details space agency.

This phenomenon makes Venus is the hottest planet in the entire solar system, although Mercury is closer to the Sun. It seems that The bowels of our neighbors are equally infernal. This is evidenced by the thousands of volcanoes that have formed on the surface over thousands of years. At least one of them is still active, as NASA recently discovered with the Magellan mission:

“Lava flows stretch for hundreds of kilometers across the rift plains shown in the foreground, all the way to the base of Maat Mons,” the space agency said in a statement. launch.

Venus volcano
This global map of the surface of Venus was compiled from data from NASA’s Magellan and Pioneer Venus Orbiter missions. Maat Mons, a volcano that has recently shown signs of eruption, is located within the black square near the planet’s equator. | Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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The volcano Venus inherited its name from Maat, Egyptian goddess of truth and justice. Other extraterrestrial giants, such as Mount Olympus on Mars, also took their names from ancient myths. In a vast mountainous region known as Alta Reggio, researchers have found direct evidence of this Volcanic activity with an active Maat Mons vent.

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With this finding, according to Robert Herrick, a researcher at the Fairbanks Institute of Geophysics at the University of Alaska, It could start a new era of volcanism on Venus. Although, the specialist admits, originally, he did not expect to be so successful yet 200 hours of work discovered that the Venusian volcano was still active. Their studies were recently published in Sciences.

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