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How to get WhatsApp Gold: The trend towards customizing the application

How to get WhatsApp Gold: The trend towards customizing the application

The standard WhatsApp application does not provide the feature to customize the golden appearance. (WhatsApp)

WhatsApp Gold is an unofficial version of the application Which transforms the entire logo and interface of the platform.:Changes the familiar green color to gold.

To achieve this golden look, It is necessary to use WhatsApp PlusIt is a version of the messaging service that was not developed by Meta and is not found in app stores such as the App Store or Play Store.

Although WhatsApp Plus is not the official version, it offers several customization features, such as changing the theme to gold and the ability to send larger files than the standard WhatsApp usually allows.

WhatsApp Plus does not guarantee end-to-end encryption of messages. (Illustration)

To activate WhatsApp Gold, you must install WhatsApp Plus. I did this, The user should go to “Settings” then “Themes” and choose the gold color. This way, the logo and the entire app interface will change from green to that color.

To use WhatsApp Plus on an Android phone, you must follow these steps:

1. Backup and delete the official version of WhatsApp from Meta.

2. Search for WhatsApp Plus and download it from your phone’s search engine.

WhatsApp Plus is not available in app stores. (Google Play Store)

3. Enable installation of apps from unknown sources: Go to your phone’s Settings, then Security and enable the Unknown Sources option.

4. Run WhatsApp Plus according to the instructions in the program.

To download WhatsApp on iPhone, the user must follow these steps step by step:

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1. Backup WhatsApp.

2. Delete the official WhatsApp application developed by Meta.

Jailbreak is required to install WhatsApp Plus on iPhone. (Image info)

3. Go to your phone’s search engine to download WhatsApp Plus 17.85.

4. When the WhatsApp Plus download is complete, you should run the file by following the steps included.

Jailbreak may be required to run WhatsApp Plus. Jailbreaking an iPhone involves removing software restrictions imposed by Apple, allowing the installation of apps and modifications not authorized by the App Store.

This unofficial app is not supported by Meta, which means the security of your personal data and stored conversations is not guaranteed. Additionally, the end-to-end encryption that Meta includes may not be included in WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus can contain viruses when downloaded from unverified sites. (Illustration)

Being a modified version, WhatsApp Plus may contain malicious code or vulnerabilities that could compromise device security and user privacy. It is not available on official stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store, which means users have to download it from unverified sources.

Using WhatsApp Plus will also result in temporary or permanent suspension of the user’s WhatsApp account as it violates WhatsApp usage policies.

If WhatsApp detects that a user is using Plus, it can suspend their account. (Illustration)

If the user receives an in-app message indicating “Account temporarily suspended”, this may be due to using an unofficial WhatsApp app like WhatsApp Plus Or activities such as data mining.

If the user does not switch to the official WhatsApp application after the temporary suspension or continues to extract data, his account may be permanently suspended.

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Unauthorized WhatsApp applications pose a risk to user security and are not supported by WhatsApp. Data mining, which is the automatic and unauthorized collection of information, violates the WhatsApp Terms of Service and may result in serious consequences to the user’s account.