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How is the league running at the moment at Guard1anes 2021?

At ESPN we tell you at the moment about the panorama of the 18 teams facing the qualifiers and the league

The “Fiesta Grande” is close in Mexican football with only two teams actually ranked directly League And six other clubs are fighting for a pass to the playoff match Guard1anes 2021.

Toluca, Chivas, Tigres, Queretaro, Mazatlan, Pumas, Pachuca and Tijuana They are clinging to their last hope of surviving the reclassification battle with only two dates remaining after the regular season. On the other hand, Puebla and Monterrey are struggling to maintain their direct position in the qualification.

On ESPN Instantly we show you what a playoff duels look like and qualify for Leguila.

How will you play the play-off game at the moment?

Qualify directly to the quarter-finals:

Play-offs matches at the moment:

(5) Opposite (12)

(6) vs. (11)

(7) vs. (10)

(8) Versus (9)

The best and worst-case scenario of all the Guard1anes team

The sector has surprised locals and strangers due to its good pace. Nicolás Larcamón’s work at the helm of the Puebla seat deserves to be highlighted and they have the team in third place in the overall table with 27 points and one more win that will give them an automatic ranking among the top four in the general table if that is too much. Monterrey and Santos lost this day’s match against Tigres and Pachuca, respectively.

After a draw against Pumas, Camotero would lose their direct pass to Leguila should Raidos and Santos win both matches.

Meanwhile, Auriazules are one step away from the replay zone with 18 points, but they have to wait until Tigres, Toluca and Chivas lose in round 16 to look for a place in the reclassification stage and fight for the title.

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Xolos debuted Robert Dante Siboldi on the border bench, and the Uruguayan is seeking to secure a place in the qualifiers on the deadline after beating Necaxa with a minimum. At the moment, Mictlán’s units are ranked 11th with 19 units and are one step away from confirming their place in the reclassification, given that with 19 units they will tie a place among the first 12 units, but continue to count on the teams located above. who are they.

For his part, Necaxa is no longer playing anything, as he remains with 11 points and no longer reaches 12th place, and he is Tigres and has 19 units, so he is the only team that has been eliminated so far from the tournament.

Those led by Thomas Bowie climbed to eighth with 21 units and awaited the results of Toluca, Chivas, Tigres and Querétaro on the same day.

In contrast, Green Panzas occupies sixth place in the overall table with 23 points. However, with the Mazatlan disaster, Atlas could overtake them in the rating if they won the Tapatío Classic.

The cement machine is back on the way to victory after beating Atlético San Luis 3-2 at the Azteca Stadium. With this result, the cement team is united in Guard1anes 2021 with 40 points regardless of what America does on Sunday who play Toluca.

Meanwhile, the San Luis squad left 12 units and plunged into a severe outcome crisis that could push them to pay a fine of 120 million pesos, if finished in the last place of the ratio. Also, San Luis has six-game losing streak.

Just Guadalajara won another win and that was in Clasico Tabatio, beating Zoros del Atlas 0-1. With this victory, Chivas is fully involved in the struggle for a place in the Guard1ianes 2021 Final Qualifiers.

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In the meantime, the defeat of Red and Black is painful, as it is late in the general schedule, in addition to being suspended at the last date whether or not it will pay 120 million pesos, which is a fine for being in the last place in the relegation schedule.

The classic reggio went to the side of Tigres who beat University Stadium 2-1.

The goals of the match were led by Carlos Gonzalez and Andre-Pierre Gignac. The Monterrey goal was the work of Alfonso Gonzalez.

With this result, Tigres reached 19 points and strengthened in the playoffs, while Rayados left 25 units. Tigres adds 45 wins to 41 from Monterrey and 38 draws at Classicos Regius.

A major duel for Diablos and the Placement of the Eagles, that is, those from Coapa want to snatch first place off the overall table from Cruz Azul, as they are the second-seeded team straight to the quarter-finals.

Santiago Solari’s pupils have 35 points and are two units away from the machine, so they expect a tumble from the Celestial to be able to take the top of the table, which would be Azulkremma if they didn’t lose the match against Atlas in the table. If three points are added and the machine is lost, they will sleep as captains and play the top on the last date against Pumas.

Meanwhile, Toluca, which is ranked eighth, has 19 units that cannot be trusted and the bad move they take is obvious, so they risk a lot of being excluded from the reclassification if they lose their last two matches, Chivas and Tigres, Queretaro, Mazatlan, Bomas Pachuca and Tijuana all win. If they defeat America, the Demons would practically secure their place in the Repechage while a draw could send them to 12th at the table.

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Los Gallos Blancos occupies the eleventh place in the general table with 18 units, and in the event of victory, they will reach 21 points and will have a place in the qualifiers in their hands. A loss and various combinations of results could send her up to 15th.

Meanwhile, the Braves are 17th with 12 points, and losing virtually leaves them with no options to qualify and be eliminated. Should they win, with 15 units, they hope San Luis, Tijuana, Pachuca, Pumas and Mazatlan will not win.

The warriors lost their place in the top four in the general roster and now they want to regain it. With 25 units they are fifth in the ranking. If they win, they will reach third place if Puebla and Monterrey lose or draw. In the event of a tie against Pachuca, Torreon can climb to fourth place, but that depends on the loss of Monterrey and Lyon.

Meanwhile, the Tuzos are 14th in the overall table with 17 points and if they win they will reach 20 units, giving them the rankings to the playoffs with stumbling over them, but to ensure a place they need. Pumas, Mazatlan, Kiritaro, Tigres, Chivas and Puma don’t add up to three. On the other hand, a draw or a loss to Santos could get them out of the title fight.