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Toluca jewels that were deprived of America

Toluca jewels that were deprived of America

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If a team does not usually listen to performances USA Is it Toluca And the Demons For a long time they have endured the financial bombs that you gave them the Eagles Through its main characters such as Jose Cardozo, Paulo da Silva s Antonio Nelson “Sinha“Who did not wear a jacket from a group.” Kappa.

From time to time Raphael LiberegaChief of Demons at the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the century, he indicated that Demons They refused to accept all kinds of offers for their players.

“Don Valentine (Diez) said he wanted to have his team, so he wasn’t selling. Fortunately, he had the economic resources to not count on selling to the player, which is why we didn’t sell at that time to anyone, As for Cardoso, they offered us seven, eight million, for her sin is equal to eight million, for Paolo (da Silva) sitting in a restaurant, they also offered me 8 million. For him, it was America, “he said several months ago on TUDN.

Cardoso He had the opportunity to play for other clubs as a boost in Editor’s Cup, The first to do so in Blue cross and then Pachuca, While Da Silva Also played to Pachuca A year and then returned to the demons a while Sinha Labored in Queretaro.

An exception is Vicente Sanchez and Fabian Estay

The only numbers that passed From Toluca to America They had been Fabian Estay s Vicente Sanchez, The items in the Eagles They even starred at times even though they couldn’t raise any championships.

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Estay passed ranks Toluca a Kappa In Winter ’99 and although he was not a champion at the club during the two and a half years, he scored 11 goals, except for the last tournament which was Winter 2001In others it was a headline.

For his part Vicente Sánchez arrived at the asguilas in Apertura 2010 and had to live a hard time As for the team, as the results were not given at all and were only able to participate in three tournaments.