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Cuban Athletics Commissioner, Yepsi Moreno, confronts the National Sports Federation students with violence

Cuban Athletics Commissioner, Yepsi Moreno, confronts the National Sports Federation students with violence

Ypsi Moreno, Cuban Hammer Player, Olympic and World Champion, Verbally assaulted a group of students From the Higher School of Sports Improvement (ESPA).

Cuban mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, Gustavo the Cuban Killer Trujillo, He posted a video on his Facebook page where he’s listening to Cuban multi-medalist Criticism of students who did not show up for some kind of morning or meeting on time. Later, when a student tried to explain himself, Moreno did not allow it and told him to shut up by shouting.

At some point in the clip, Moreno is heard calling a student by the name of Andy Echevaria.

“Who else came down when he felt this? Hardworking. Nothing, professor. And you shut up! Shut up!” Yipsi Moreno shouted as the young athlete replied, “Teacher, no, no.”

Despite the fact that the video was filmed from a perspective where the facts could not be well appreciated, many students could be heard in the chorus of voices complaining, although neither Moreno nor the rest of the teachers present could be addressed.

“Professor Velma is very disrespectful. He told me I am on loan here,” a young athlete recalls a comment made by a teacher or technician referring to his abilities as an athlete.

Ypsi Moreno is a member of the Athletes Committee of the Pan American Athletic Organization (PASO), and a member of the State Council of the Republic of Cuba, the last position will last until 2023.

Wrestler Gustavo Trujillo also notes that the influence of Ypsi was involved in the removal of Cuban player Lionel Suarez from the Cuban team.

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Trujillo says, “The Olympic bronze and world silver medalist, Lionel Suarez Fajardo, was punished and unjustly expelled from the Cuban national team on the mere whim of this woman and her lemon.”

At the beginning of this year, Yepsi Moreno, with a host of sport glories, received a concession car from the Cuban state, just as the country is going through an economic crisis unprecedented in this century so far.

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