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Home run brand Lourdes Jr.  STALKED MLB (+VIDEO)

Home run brand Lourdes Jr. STALKED MLB (+VIDEO)

Cuban gardener Lourdes Gurriel Jr Still with Arizona Diamondbacks And drive Major League Baseball.

For April 16, the Dbacks received a visit from their counterpart chicago cubsin majestic chase field In Arizona.

Lourdes Gurriel Jr He ranked third in the offensive pecking order and defended the left side of the field, as was usual during the recently started season of the game. Big leagues.

From the second loop itself, the home team led on the scoreboard, making the score 1×0, and although Chicago tied the game in the third, at the bottom of the same loop the Cuban was responsible for restoring the advantage in the game.

Lourdes Gurriel Jr. hit a home run and chased the MLB lead

Before shipments Kyle Hendricks, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. stopped. With a runner on first base and one on the board. After counting two balls and zero strokes, move to panel A Sinker at 88.5 mph Which remained in the area of ​​Sancti Spiritus' power, which he did not waste.

a job in full swing, He delivered the ball and returned it to 96.6 mph On a fly ball to left field that fell in 381 feet away This became the fifth tour for “Unito” at home. Additionally, this was the 97th of his entire career, putting him just one step away from keeping up with his brother. Yuli Gurriel with 98.

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In addition, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. He hit 20 RBIs He scored 13th place in a row. This number of RBIs places him second in the entire MLB, behind only Marcel Ozuna Atlanta Braves (22).

So far this Cuban campaign has built up .282 averageincluding eight extra-base hits, with three doubles and all five home runs.