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Tatis Jr. started.  The Machado March San Diego (+ Video)

Tatis Jr. started. The Machado March San Diego (+ Video)

Latest commitments to San Diego Padres They were absolutely brilliant, and for this opportunity the team was put into context having unleashed their attack with a first-half rally. In the midst of this collective performance, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado They managed to add with the bat.

Milwaukee Brewers The team received California for the second day in a row on Tuesday night, April 16, 2024 from The field of the American family Both nineties saw each other. Meanwhile, the visitors started the day trying to continue their winning streak.

Tatis Jr. and Machado started their careers for San Diego

Wade Miley was in charge of the home team's opener, but was unsuccessful and completely gave up in just one inning of work. Xander Bogaerts met the opposing pitcher with a bunt to right field and then a groundout Fernando Tatis Jr He hit the middle of the field without stopping.

Joríkson Profar sacrificed himself with a bunt and it turned out better because the defense committed an error that allowed him to reach base. With the rules full, Manny Machado He showed up in the batter's box and produced.

The Dominican third baseman hit a ground ball to first base, but it was enough for Bogaerts to score the first run of the game. San Diego Padres. This was just the beginning of an abusive punishment for Wade Miley.

Ha-Seong Kim, with the men in scoring position and on the second pitch in turn, sent a home run all over left field. He came forward Tatis Jr And Profar to increase the benefit San Diego Padres 4×0 about Milwaukee Brewers. The hit reached 102 mph and reached 379 feet from home plate.

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