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Home by Anthony Santander Sentenced to Baltimore (+ Video)

Home by Anthony Santander Sentenced to Baltimore (+ Video)

Baltimore Orioles Jump into the field “yankee stadium” They are firm in their conviction to continue achieving victories in order to return to first place American League East Division.

This move is specifically led by New York Yankees, the team they faced on Thursday, June 20. In addition, the visiting bats were the heroes of the first episode.

But the mission was clear Venezuelan Anthony Santander He joined in to get the job done with nothing more and nothing less than a mile-long stroke.

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Anthony Santander showed his strength with the wood

The Venezuelan was ranked fifth in the standings and the right fielder. This was emphasized at all times and came at the right time for every occasion. Baltimore i need it.

From the hill he ordered the shipments Tim HillFor those at home. At this moment he appeared Santander With the men on first and second, two go over and score for their team 8 x 3.

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On the count of 1-2 Anthony Santander He swung a four-seam fastball at 90.8 mph, enough to send the ball to the edge of right-center field, for his 19th home run of the season.

The hit ruled the Yankees and traveled about 371 feet, increasing the score to 11 x 3. Finally, he recorded his 46th, 47th and 48th RBI of the year and hit a .231 average.

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