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History of 5 Betplay League matches at home: analysis and balance of results |  Colombian football |  League Pet Play

History of 5 Betplay League matches at home: analysis and balance of results | Colombian football | League Pet Play

done Fifth transformation subordinate Homers subordinate BetPlay League 2022-I. Three of the eight seeded teams have already been eliminated, while five more are vying for two places in the final.

This is the balance of the rest of history:

The good

– Nacional got a golden point in El Campin: Despite not being able to display his usual game, the green pea withstood the blue attack well and earned a golden point making him the main favorite in the first set.

Tolima was silenced and bitter Atanasio Girardot: Despite having one less player on the field, Albijau broke the zero with a superb goal from Anderson Plata. Then they threw one on DIM and by 10v10 he was able to tackle the duel. The absolute favorite of group B.

Junior did his homework and is still alive: The square shark had to win the house and it did. Miguel Angel Borja’s goal was enough to score three decisive points that left him breathing artificially. You must win yes or yes at Atanasio.

– Fairness and surprise at home: Alexis Garcia’s men crushed Envigado in Poldeportivo Sur and left them with ample chances for a potential final. An interesting offensive proposition and a known solidity in defence.


Millionaires and new disappointments: The ambassador’s chest is stamped by removing it as domestic. He couldn’t with Junior and Nacional was the executioner. Two draws, not one goal scored.

Medellin missed a golden opportunity. Despite the fact that he played against his people against his direct rival and for many minutes was with another man, the strong failed miserably. Defeat makes him dependent on a miracle for the final.

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Bucaramanga and Envigado were not surprised: Except for one good game or another, not everyone can give a real hit. Orange did not add a victory, Al-Fahd could not confirm the tournament’s top scorer.


– A day with more rough play: Of the five disputed dates, this was the largest number of expelled. Ivan Rojas (Envigado), Fabian Moquera (Tolima) and Luciano Ponce (DIM) broke an average of one red a day in their home runs.

Chaos between the arbitral tribunal and Demayor in penalties: Against all odds, the Commission issued a statement 24 hours before the development of history with sanctions imposed on the Medellin and Melonarios markets. Demayor appealed to common sense to postpone the suspension for the next day but the commission felt “ignored” and its members resigned…