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Help is raining down on a couple in Carolina who need to fix up their rundown home

“I feel a little calmer, because I know someone heard me.”

This is how Ana Padro puts herself, who was touched when she discovered how much help she and her husband, Alejandro Castillo, had received a week after announcing the needs they both faced in their run-down home in Carolina.

In this part, the case of Ms. Anna (73) and Mr. Alejandro (80) was reviewed. Revive Hope from “day to day– an effort of alliance between the Primera Hora Foundation and the MCS Foundation – where it was revealed that his house in the Julia de Burgos sector in the Santa Cruz district of the aforementioned municipality suffered severe damage to its infrastructure due to the blows left by Hurricane Maria in 2017 and the January 2020 earthquakes.

Ana Pedro and Alejandro Castillo faced a variety of challenges in a rundown house in the Santa Cruz de Carolina neighborhood. (Carlos Giusti / Staff)

The impact caused serious problems in the house, such as water leaks and a shortage of electric power service. Both challenges have exacerbated the health conditions faced by the couple, who have been married for more than 54 years.

“My hobby is doing housework, but at the same time, while watching my TV,” Padró said on the program broadcast by Telemundo, acknowledging that the damage to his property limited his access to treatment for sleep apnea.

However, the state did not stand still after it was learned that the couple had received free help to seal the roof and repair the electrical connection in their home, in addition to a variety of resources to improve the living conditions of both.

said the woman who worked for 20 years as a housekeeper in the municipality of Trujillo Alto to support her husband, who is facing a complex clinical health picture.

Among the contributions Padró has received, the municipality of Carolina declared the couple eligible for “Viva Carolina,” a community social program that provides direct services in the community through mobile, go-to-home units.

In addition, Mayor José Aponte Dalmão authorized his city council to take the necessary steps to repair the roof of the house, replace the kitchen cabinets, repair the bathroom, install new doors, and paint the house inside and out.

The Master Group also donated eight buckets of Masterflex roof sealant, and repair materials required prior to the operation, valued at $2,000. Likewise, the company provided a portion of the paint that will be used in the home renovation.

On the other hand, the couple will get a free service from an electrician to fix the power outage that the house is experiencing. Similarly, Dia Dia Productions has confirmed that it will cover the material costs required for the arrangement.

Meanwhile, Ahorro Muebles has joined the cause by donating a new bedroom set, complete with a “queen” bed and bedding for the couple. Another company that collaborated with Mueblerías Berríos, which abandoned the living room set and the dining room set, as their previous items were affected by filtered water.

With regard to health, AMES, Inc. , located in Bayamón, is equipped with a new therapy machine so that Padró can take care of respiratory ailments from the comfort of his home.

Also, another exciting moment in the strip Revive Hope That was when the program team gave the family a new TV so they could continue watching the TV space from the comfort of their home. “Oh, thank you, thank you very much!” Anna crossed over after hugging entertainer Victor Santiago and comedian Carlos Ramirez.

Día a Día members Victor Santiago and Carlos Ramírez gave Ana Pedro a new TV so she could continue watching the Telemundo show she loves to watch while doing her chores.
Día a Día members Victor Santiago and Carlos Ramírez gave Ana Pedro a new TV so she could continue watching the Telemundo show she loves to watch while doing her chores. (Yasir)

Finally, anchor Dagmar tells Dona Ana to “pack her bags,” because Tropical Inns Puerto Rico has given her and her husband three-day, two-night, all-inclusive stays at one of their three shows, Parador Palmas Hotel de Lucía, Lucia Beach Hotel in Yabucoa, and Parador MaunaCaribe. in Maunabo.

“I am happy, I am very happy, because I see, in person, my loved ones and my family from “Día a Día”, whom I see every day. “I love them very much, I really do,” said Anna, after embracing Raymond Arrieta, to whom she showed great affection “.

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