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Heidy Infante: They filter a new video of the attack on Pedro Infante’s granddaughter; That’s how it all began

A new video posted on social media shows that before the beating, the individual was bullying her on stage

last Sunday, Hedy Infante, the granddaughter of the famous Pedro Infante, has been sexually and physically abused by a singer who accompanied the group New Sonorathe same thing that she is a part of.

The facts are presented in Mexico City In the neighborhood of Escuadrón 201, the band gave a presentation to their fans, everything was a party and they were enjoying the music, and suddenly Jan LopezHeidi begins to annoy his classmates To defend himself, he responded with a soft slap on the lower back, but the singer of Cuban descent responded forcefully.at first he inappropriately touched the artist’s intimate area and then assaulted her with blows.

Someone from the audience recorded everything that happened and shared the video on social networks, so they are on the spot It was widely reported and thousands of people rejected what happened against Heidi.

The man was scaring Heidi

Several versions have arisen about this unfortunate incident, one being that Lopez was part of the show; However, Infante herself has taken it upon herself to deny the rumors. Now, a new video clip that has been broadcast on social media will support the singer’s statements, because It is shown that prior to the beating, the person would intimidate her on stage.

In various interviews, Infante revealed that his attacker managed to sneak in with them because the security personnel thought he was a member of the group and later took the microphone to encourage the audience, even starting to sing the song. “The old man in the hat.”

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The recording not only corroborates these statements, but also details how the singer asked the man on various occasions to get off the stage, but he brushed it off. In spite of everything, La Nueva Sonora He tried to continue with his presentation, so Heidi took control of the show, taking the lead from Lopez, which apparently angered him.

Later, Heidy sets a signal for him to leave and come down to his place, to which the character reacts by touching and hitting her to the surprise and horror of everyone present.

Although the man was able to be arrested and made available to the authorities, he was released after a few hours. Omar Garcia HarfoushAnd the citizen’s security secretary revealed in a press conference that the singer was given protection, as she claimed she had received threats. He also confirmed that Yan Lopez He will be arrested and the officers who released him have already been suspended and face investigation.