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Hector Rafael Rodríguez, the new Archbishop of Santiago

Hector Rafael Rodríguez, the new Archbishop of Santiago

Promising “unconditional availability before God” this new Sabbath archbishop Metropolitan of Santiago, Msgr Hector Rafael Rodriguezin a solemn Mass held in the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Mother and Teacher of the Pontifical Catholic University.

The Catholic ceremony was attended by President Luis Abinader and Vice-President Raquel Peña, in addition to representatives of senior church clergy, led by the country’s apostolic nuncio, Monsignor Piergiogio Bertoldi.

Before the new sermon archbishopThe papal nuncio’s secretary, Monsignor Jane Méndez, read the appointment issued by Pope Francis. “And you are distinguished by human and spiritual gifts that make you ideal for the exercise of this function. Therefore, in accordance with the advice of the bishops and in the fullness of our apostolic authority, we release you from association with your former Church and are very pleased to appoint you.” archbishop “Metropolitan Santiago de los Caballeros grants you the corresponding rights and imposes on you the obligations that arise from this position,” Mendez said.

“Here I am, Santiago brothers,” said the man. archbishop At the beginning of his speech, he referred to mixed feelings as a result of the change after serving as bishop of the Diocese of La Vega for eight years. Hector Rafael Rodriguez He was trained as a priest in August 1977, and his main instructor was the current Auxiliary Bishop of Mons. Valentin Reynoso.

“Having a large number of clergy like brothers which for eight years has become a spiritual, pastoral and apostolic ecosystem. There is a feeling that exists between this love for this spiritual, apostolic and pastoral ecosystem, versus the missionary duty of going where the Church has sent me,” Rodriguez said.

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“Naturally, the principle of missionary readiness prevailed because I am a missionary of the Sacred Heart, so out of fidelity to this principle I said here I am, Lord, to do your will and as the prophet Jeremiah says, wherever he sends me I will go,” he said.

The Sufi and prophetic dimension

He indicated that his mission archbishop It will focus on three things: teaching the Gospel (the doctrine of the entire Church), proclaiming the message of salvation, and sanctification through worship.

Likewise, he will have an unconditional willingness for God and his brothers, to fulfill the program of life, to proclaim good news to those who suffer, to those who mourn to those who are depressed, to comfort those who are suffering, as the Lord has commanded.

He said: “In order to be a shepherd in the style of the Good Shepherd, you must live this message from two dimensions, which are inseparable in the life of any baptized person, the mystical and the prophetic.” archbishopWho at the end, in a joking tone, declared himself an eagle and asked the team to win the matches so that he would not die of anguish.

“Get your act together and let’s do this,” the religious concluded.

The nuncio declares administrator in La Vega

The Pope’s representative, Monsignor Bertoldi, said a few words and thanked the work done by Msgr Hector Rafael Rodriguez In La Vega, during the announcement of the appointment of Monsignor Carlos Morel Tomas DeBlanc as apostolic administrator of the diocese of that province, until the Holy See appoints a new bishop.

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the new archbishop Santiago has, by issuing a first decree, confirmed all current occupants of the Diocese of Santiago into office (until further notice).

Msgr Hector Rafael Rodriguez He also serves as President of the Dominican Episcopal Conference (CED) and also holds the role of Grand Chancellor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pontifical Catholic Alma mater and teacher.

Monsignor Freddie Britton is now archbishop Honorary Santiago.

He is a journalist who graduated from O&M, and has been practicing journalism since 2005 from Santiago. He loves serving the interests of society from his profession.