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A woman was murdered by her ex-partner in Tapachula, Mexico, who was identified as Cuban

A woman was murdered by her ex-partner in Tapachula, Mexico, who was identified as Cuban

Mexican authorities have identified the woman killed Thursday at a facility in the city of Tapachula, on the country’s southern border, as Cuban.

Initially, the local press reported that the victim, Yarilis N., was a Honduran national and had been killed by her Cuban ex-partner, Ivan N.

However, it has now been confirmed that the two, the victim and the assailant, were Immigrants from the islandwhich will be in transit through Mexico to reach the US border.

She stated that the 34-year-old woman was working in a bar restaurant located on Camino a La Pita, and at 2:00 pm she was sitting on a local chair when she was attacked. South Magazine.

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The 32-year-old man entered carrying “a machete and repeatedly attacked the woman, repeatedly injuring her in the face, stomach, and legs,” according to the post’s details.

The report stated, “Some restaurant patrons and the woman’s colleagues tried to stop him, but he ran until he reached the street” in an attempt to escape. It turned out that two workers in the building were injured.

When the attacker tried to flee, “a municipal patrol that was passing by stopped him and confronted him to disarm him and then secure him.”

The agents requested support from other municipal public security units in Tapachula and the State Preventive Unit, which cordoned off the area.

The memo highlights that when SAE paramedics attempted to help the woman, she no longer had vital signs.

Ivan N. was extradited. To the Prosecutor’s Office for Immigrants and placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor on charges of femicide. You can hire a lawyer to defend yourself.

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