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He left a $3,000 tip, changed his mind, and the restaurant made a tough decision

He left a $3,000 tip, changed his mind, and the restaurant made a tough decision

However, good news does not usually stand out in the daily news gale A lady got a generous tip last June, There were many who echoed that single act.

The employee served a customer Alfredo’s Pizza From Scranton, Pennsylvania, But now the restaurant will take the restaurant to court And all for an act that surprises them.

In June, executives Alfredo’s Pizza They were shocked to see it A customer who consumes only $13 per plate Stromboli $3000 tip left. At first, they couldn’t believe it, but when They verified the payment by credit card Emotion overwhelmed them and they praised the incredible generosity of this man, identified as Eric Smith, to the waitress Mariana Lambert. Apart from that, seeing that their action was recorded in the signature of the slip, it all made sense Tips for JesusProposes to give “tips for Jesus” liberally.

This fact not only moved the staff, but It went viral and crossed US borders It also attracted the attention of the press. Many websites wanted to know How every detail was and how Mariana felt with this noble act. In interviews, the young woman made clear her emotion and her deep gratitude. however, After a while everything started to get complicated That positive news turned sour when the restaurant received unthinkable mail.

The meal cost $13 and the diner left a $3,000 tip.One minute

In this, Eric Smith requested payment for the $3,000 he made that day. They did not believe what they read, and therefore, before fearing, Managers contacted their customer because they thought it was a misunderstanding. In addition, there was an important detail: they had already given the money to the servant, because it was supposed to be for her, and the woman had already spent it.

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Unfortunately, they realized that the person was actually requesting a refund in that connection The restaurant must have done it, losing $3,000 on the spotAccording to store manager, Zachary Jacobson.

We thought someone was actually trying to do something good. And then how much? Three months later? nothing. Nothing to show at this time,” Jacobson said news station.

Tips are usually a way of thanking a company for good service received
Tips are usually a way of thanking a company for good service receivedUnivision

The manager explained that he communicated with the customer through Facebook. But he stopped responding and told her to report him. In the end, they had to do it because, he said, the economic loss was too great.

I hope he owns up to his actions and comes forward and pays for this because he shouldn’t have done it if this was the end result.”, added Jacobson, who is confident that he will be able to get a favorable ruling from the judge. However, he expressed “sadness and disappointment” that the grand gesture had turned into an unpleasant blow to his business.

Also, following the incident, some questioned the movement Tips for JesusFounded in 2013 by Jack Selby. However, there is other evidence that indicates that this is not a type of scam on social networks.