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“Hard to justify that move”: Immigration relief for Colombia / News Today

“Hard to justify that move”: Immigration relief for Colombia / News Today

Brian Nichols, US Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs.

Photo: Jorge Londono – Gustavo Torrijos Juluca

In recent months, Colombia has argued before the US government that it needs some migrant relief. First, President Gustavo Pedro requested the removal of the tourist visa requirement for Colombians. The formal petition was presented by the Colombian ambassador in Washington, Luis Gilberto Murillo; In October, when US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Colombia, he requested Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for the compatriots. “I think TPS is necessary for Colombians (…) it’s a human right,” the Colombian president said.

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The Colombian ambassador’s last request to the US government was to send a letter to Blinken and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas so that the Colombians could be included in the Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) program. ) seeks to ensure that fellows are not deported upon arrival in the United States. “Our intention is that our people can go to Colombia if they want to, if they want to, or change their immigration status in the United States, if there are legal means to do so,” Pedro’s government’s letter to Gaza said. Blanca was signed by Luis Gilberto Murillo, the Colombian Ambassador to the United States.

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In an interview with NTN24’s reporter Gustau Alegret, Brian Nichols, Assistant Secretary of the US Office for Western Hemisphere Affairs, confirmed what many analysts had warned: the US is not looking at immigration relief for Colombians. Or not for now.

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As Nichols explained, “We’re always analyzing the displacement situation in the region.”

“There are many factors to consider, I think the situation in Colombia is good compared to previous years in terms of security, in terms of political stability (…) things are going well in Colombia (…) we always read it, but for me when things are good, ​It is difficult to justify such a move.”

In his petition letter, Murillo told the Biden administration, “Migration is a regional issue that must be addressed under the principle of shared responsibility, strengthening regional cooperation to ensure the regularization of migration.”

Nichols also assured that the Colombian government is “a very important partner for us, we respect their requests and their decisions, and their perspective on all issues, especially on the issue of migration, being the leading country in granting temporary permits to Venezuela.” in their country, so we are always ready to talk to the Colombian government about that issue.

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