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Guillermo Laso takes over as interim president of CAN |  Politics |  News

Guillermo Laso takes over as interim president of CAN | Politics | News

CAN consists of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, and affiliated countries are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and others.

President Guillermo Laso assumed the presidency on Saturday for the time The Andean Community (CAN) at the 21st meeting of the Presidential Council of Andean States, which took place in Bogota, Colombia.

Lasso, upon assuming the annual leadership of the Andean Community, said he would promote regional integration “in the economic sphere as well as in the social sphere”, even though “we are facing a major challenge which is the fight against the pandemic” of COVID-19.

“We will support the new vaccination plans in the region,” Lasso said, “but above all, we will raise our voices to ask the world for more support and support in the field of vaccines.”

In addition, he highlighted the importance of making commitments. “It is imperative that we take a short-term and long-term commitment and work in the search for social integration. Ecuador has set out to promote a modern, green and sustainable economy and we seek the participation of small and medium-sized businesses.

Lasso said the latter sector provides 60% of jobs and has been affected by the pandemic.

The president pledged to work in the orange economy, that is, to promote business related to culture through cooperation between the public and private sectors. As well as helping women in their projects.

“I invite you to commit to working within the framework of a broader international cooperation and to allow us to reverse the effects of the pandemic and return to the path of sustainable development,” he said.

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The event was presided over by the President of Colombia, Ivan Duque, who said the challenge is to achieve inter-regional trade.

“Make it more dynamic, no matter how much progress you make, it remains low compared to other integration blocks such as North America, Europe and Asia,” he said, adding that regulatory frameworks must carry them to this end.

The United States and Spain are the main sources of remittances arriving in CAN countries بلدان

Duque called for Lasso to consider the possibility of promoting reinforcements in the field of vaccines and also a forum dedicated to the quality of democracies.

CAN consists of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, and affiliated countries count Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, as well as Spain and Morocco as observers.

Doki highlights achievements in his management

Before handing over the interim presidency of the Andean Community (CAN) to Ecuadorean President Guillermo Laso, the President of Colombia, Ivan Duque, highlighted the many achievements made during his administration.

“A year ago, as CAN chaired, we positioned ourselves 80 core activities grouped into 30 business areas. He noted that we’ve made progress on many of these fronts.

Duque highlighted the fifth meeting of the Andean Integration System where decisions such as enabling a new integration framework based on technology, public procurement and removing obstacles were made.

The Andean Community of Nations has passed a law regulating and facilitating the movement of people between Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia

The Colombian President emphasized that the strengthening of Simón Bolívar University had been enhanced and called it to become one of the distinguished among the countries of the Andean Community.

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The development of the Andean Business Conference was also considered an achievement. At the event, more than 350 companies participated, and more than 109 buyers and multi-million dollar deals were agreed upon.

“Something we can also define as transcendental is the formation of public procurement guidelines, which allow micro, small, medium and large companies to participate in bidding processes for member states,” Duque said. (I)