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CMD advierte pandemia Covid-19 está lejos de terminar

CMD warns that the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet

The president of the Dominican Medical College, Waldo Ariel Soero, warned residents Sunday morning that the COVID-19 pandemic was still far from over.

The Soiro demonstration took place within the framework of the uprising note that the Dominican government stipulated regarding the curfew, stating that a large proportion of Dominicans had reduced security measures such as the use of masks and physical distance.

“Those who think that everything is over are wrong. Thinking this way is a fatal mistake,” he said.

He added that the danger has not passed and there is still a long way to go, because there is a large majority of the population to be vaccinated.

He stressed that there is an imminent risk of being affected by other variants of the virus, more aggressive and lethal, such as the delta variant.

“We must all avoid a new outbreak and as a result of this new outbreak, more patients and deaths from the virus,” he said.

CMD is repeating to Dominican residents not to lower their guard, despite the government lifting the curfew.

“Every Dominican must ensure his safety by maintaining a physical distance, Use of masks, hand hygiene, and avoidance of closed spaces and gatherings, as well as contributing to mass vaccination. Even if we are vaccinated, we must maintain these security measures.

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