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Google Play January 2024 update on all Android devices: What's new

Google Play January 2024 update on all Android devices: What's new

Google Play on your Android mobile will be updated in January, and we will tell you what new features it offers.

As is usually the case, Google will release an update in January 2024 For almost all Android phones through Google Play. This update will arrive on your mobile phone regardless of the manufacturer, because it does not come from the manufacturer but from Google itself through its application store.

This update Improve some internal functions Android, features common to all mobile phones regardless of their customization layer. It's not big news, just small internal improvements.

Google Play update news in January

We leave you the list with Main news Which will be published on Android phones with this update. Some of these changes are related to Google Play Services for Android 5.0 and later, while others are related to modules available in Android 10 or later. Therefore, depending on your operating system version, you may not receive all of them. This is the news:

Android WebView v121

  • Security and privacy improvements.
  • New features for app developers, improving the integration of their apps with web content.
  • Bug fixes.

Google Play Store version 39.3

  • [Teléfono]: New government badges to discover requests submitted by public agencies. Initially available in 12 countries and more countries coming soon.

Adaptive Communication Services p.2024.01

  • [Teléfono]: Stability improvements, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Play Services v24.01

  • [Auto, PC, Teléfono, TV, Wear]: New features for app developers, to use processes related to your site and apps.
  • [Auto, PC, Teléfono, TV, Wear]: News in system management services to improve mobile phone performance, security and battery.
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Android U.14 system intelligence

  • [Teléfono]: The ability to adjust adaptive audio has been added to the Pixel Fold.
  • [Teléfono]: A new setting is added to change the size and style of automatic subtitles.

Google Play Store version 39.2

  • [PC, Teléfono, TV]- Improved Google Play Protect notifications are received.

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