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Driving in tunnels will no longer be a problem, Google Maps can be used without the Internet

Driving in tunnels will no longer be a problem, Google Maps can be used without the Internet

Google Maps is updating its Android app with an innovative feature called Bluetooth Tunnel Beacons. (Reuters/Dado Rovik)

Google Maps It has been updated to improve Tunnel navigation By using bluetooth GPS beacons, Which means users will maintain the exact location even without a GPS signal.

Traveling through these sections, which are usually underground and where communication is usually lost, was a problem, which is why this job is called Bluetooth tunnel beacons will solve the navigation problem.

This is also integrated into Waze and has already proven effective in cities like New York (US), Chicago (US), Paris (France), and Brussels (Belgium).

Therefore, a significant improvement in driver safety and location accuracy while driving underground is expected, although this has only been achieved for devices running OS Android.

In fact, the tool is not yet available to users iPhonewho will have to wait to receive this update.

This update allows you to maintain the GPS signal in tunnels. (Reuters/Dado Rovik)

Support for these beacons must be activated manually, and for this it is necessary:

– Open the application Google Maps On the home screen, touch the circular icon containing the user's photo to access it session.

– Search option Navigation settings And click on it.

– In the displayed list you will find the function Bluetooth tunnel beacons.

– Once the option is activated, the application will ask for permission Search and contact To nearby devices in order to maintain location service.

While beacons must be pre-installed in tunnels to function, when they are active in… MovingIt will cooperate with Google Maps to calculate the user's precise location, so its effectiveness will depend on the existing tunnel infrastructure and the cooperation of transportation authorities to install the necessary signs.

Using this simple trick, users will always have a well-calibrated compass. (Google)

Google It continues to improve its services GPS navigation To provide a more reliable and efficient experience.

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This is why it is important that your phone's compass works properly maps Work meticulously. If it is not set correctly, there is a risk of confusion or following the wrong path.

This happens because the app relies on the magnetometer on the mobile phone, which is a sensor that can become misaligned for various reasons, such as proximity to metallic or electrically emitting objects that can cause distortions or sudden movements and turns made by the person. He uses it.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved in a simple way:

1. Opens Google Maps.

2. Click on the blue dot, this indicates the user's current location.

3. He chooses 'calibration” in the bar that appears at the bottom of the screen.

4. Press 'the next” to grant camera use permissions to Google Maps.

5. Arrange your cell phone so that its camera can identify places in the environment.

For the calibration process to be successful, it is recommended that the user be in a well-lit environment so that the camera can pick up warnings or key trends of where they are.

Google Maps He also seeks to make more efforts Simple and safe Trips in a Electric vehiclewhile incorporating new features that help in planning appropriately Routes that include charging points to the car in real time.

Although this is not all, because you will be able to find out about it as well How many connectors he has the point, What type is compatible? with the car, How much does it cost to download? And if so Busy or available.

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