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Google Maps is launching a function that has been on the iPhone for four years

Google Maps is launching a function that has been on the iPhone for four years

Google has not enabled this function on Android due to interface settings. Reuters/Dado Rovik/Illustration

Google MapsOne of the most popular navigation applications in the world has provided a long-awaited update to its version for devices Android Because it consists of integrating the meteorological function. This feature came long after users of the platform got on board internal control Department They already got it.

Appe’s version of Google Maps for devices has included weather forecasting for about four years, while Android users have been lagging behind in this regard.

The reason for the long wait is… Google Redesigned the UI of the weather feature in the Android version of the app. Additionally, the company is expected to develop a standalone weather app for Android.

The change was evident in the version Android 14 QPR1 Beta 2. The weather function is displayed as a small icon displaying the current temperature below the search options. Clicking this icon displays a window that provides information about the local temperature, weather conditions, maximum and minimum temperatures for the day, hourly forecasts, and air quality.

Google will fully enable the weather feature in December. (Google News)

Google She decided to integrate her own voice assistant mapswith the aim of improving the user’s search experience, making it more flexible and intuitive.

Through the update, assistant, Which is part of the company’s other platforms, it replaced the voice recognition system found in the application, but it has already become outdated due to the progress of the service and user requirements.

One of the main advantages of this collaboration is ease of use. By simply clicking on the microphone icon in the app, users can activate Google Assistantwhich will display a card with suggested topics to ask questions to the voice assistant.

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In addition to ease of use, the Assistant offers advanced voice recognition technology and algorithms.And artificial intelligence To Google Maps. Previously, users might face issues with the accuracy and effectiveness of the app’s voice recognition.

The app will improve navigation with the help of the assistant and its artificial intelligence. (Google)

However, with this integration, the navigation platform will benefit from system data and its continuous improvement, in topics such as natural language processing.

Another major benefit of processor integration Google on maps It is merging Driving mode. This feature allows users to perform hands-free tasks while driving simply by using voice commands.

With the ability to read messages, make calls, and control media, it provides a safer and distraction-free driving experience.

This latest improvement will only be available for devices running Android, version equal to or greater than 9.0. It will update automatically, so users should be aware of the change in the coming weeks.

Incorporating AI will improve navigation in the app. (Unsplash)

To do this, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to “Offline Maps” and “Select your own map”.

2. Move the rectangle over the area you plan to visit.

3. Click “Download”.

By default, offline maps are downloaded to the device’s internal storage. Likewise, you can get it at Memory Card The internal memory is not filled.

If the device is used Android 6.0 or later versions, only one region can be saved to an SD card that is configured for portable storage.

This procedure allows you to download the map and place it on your Android cell phone. (google maps)

To do this you can follow the following command:

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1. in it phone also Wave AndroidEnter A Memory Card.

2. Open the Google Maps application.

3. Tap on the profile picture or first letter of name and then on offline maps.

4. At the top right, tap Settings.

5. In Storage Preferences, tap SD Card Device.

Once you download the area, you can use the Google Maps app as you normally would. If the internet connection is slow or unavailable, offline maps will direct the user to the destination.