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Google changes its search engine with a warning of new trends

Google is implementing a new warning system where it informs you about the reliability of new trends in search results.

To this day, Google remains the same basic tool Searching the web when we want to know all the information about something we don’t know.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, we have learned that even this search engine requires active judgment from its users.

The function allows you to find messages, files and links from any conversation.

Due to completely new phenomena where information moves and is updated very quickly, there is sometimes a risk of falling into disinformation.

This is why the search engine has now implemented an over-the-top and urgent optimization.

Google warns you when its results are not reliable

Across his official blog Friends at Google have revealed that they are testing a new feature designed for the scenario described above. Sometimes the results returned may not be the most current or reliable.

Now, when searching for information on a very recent topic, the engine will launch a notification warning that the results may be unreliable. Because they will be very recent topics, such as news in development:

Google is implementing a new warning system where it informs you about the reliability of new trends in search results.

These search results seem to change quickly. If this topic is very new, it can sometimes take time to add results from reliable sources.

This is the text that the search engine returns before displaying the query results. It will apply to cases such as SARS-CoV-2 and investigate its characteristics. or less serious or specialized accidents, such as seeing an alleged foreign body.

Google has been activating this system for a week. But in fact, only a few users were able to see it, because it is in the testing phase.

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Kantar launched the traditional BrandZ study where it calculates the monetary value of the biggest brands: Amazon, Apple and Google Lead.

The first reviews by beta users are positive and support the effectiveness of this new series of notifications.

Obviously, the idea is to polish the app, gradually opening it up and displaying the contents.