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Chinese robot on Mars, the protagonist of cool new photos

Chinese robot on Mars, the protagonist of cool new photos

Beijing, June 27 (EFE). – “Zhurong”, China’s Mars exploration rover, is the protagonist of new audiovisual materials – both Pictures as videos, but also sounds– Released today by China National Space Administration (ANEC).

It consists of two images, three video clips and an audio file.

Among the photos, there is a 360-degree color panorama of the arid and stony surface of the red planet, and a black and white shot of “Zhurong” (named after the god of fire in ancient Chinese mythology) with the Tianwen-1 probe landing module in the background.

As for the videos, one is from the landing on May 15, and in another it shows the scouting robot maneuvering, it was captured a few meters away from a removable camera which is usually the craft installed at the bottom.

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In the last photo, the said camera captures “Zhurong” walking away from her after he broke up with her.

The audio file includes the landing of the Tianwen-1 probe’s landing pad to the surface of Mars, which occurred on May 22.

According to the information published today by ANEC on its website, “Zhurong” is operating on the surface of the red planet d.During 42 Mars days, it moved a distance of approximately 236 metres.

This craft is part of the Chinese Tianwen-1 mission, which was sent into space in July 2020 and whose landing probe reached the surface of the planet on May 15, in the southern part of the so-called Utopia Planetia, a plain located in the northern hemisphere.

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The Tianwen-1 (whose name can be translated to “Heavenly Questions”) It is the first Chinese exploration mission to Mars and the first in history to combine travel, entry into orbit and landing in a single mission.

Chinese scientists plan to find more evidence of the presence of water or ice on the planet, as well as conduct research on the physical composition of the surface of Mars or the characteristics of the climate.

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