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La NASA muestra una impresionante vista de la Tierra a 410 kilómetros de altura con astronautas fuera de la EEI

NASA shows a stunning view of Earth 410 km high with astronauts outside the International Space Station


June 26, 2021 01:09 GMT

Thomas Pesquet and Shane Kimbrough have conducted a space walk to carry out maintenance work on power systems.

Two astronauts from the International Space Station (ISS) took a spacewalk on Friday to make improvements to power systems by installing new foldable solar panels, and were surprised by a wonderful view of our planet.

For six hours and 45 minutes, astronauts Thomas Bisquet of the European Space Agency (ESA) and Shane Kimbrough of NASA were outside the International Space Station at about 410 kilometers above the earth. “How about this opinion?” The US Space Agency on Twitter with a short video clip.

In the photos you can see part of the station and the astronauts doing the work against a dazzling blue background.

ride the team The second of the six solar panels foldable, which They have arrived On June 5th, aboard a SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule. The first one was already laid out earlier this week, Picks Space.com website.

According to NASA, the pre-installed panels, while working fine, are beginning to show signs of deterioration. With the new maintenance they hope to increase power levels from 160 to 215 kW.

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