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Goodbye waiting!  Wi-Fi 7 has arrived to revolutionize your connectivity

Goodbye waiting! Wi-Fi 7 has arrived to revolutionize your connectivity

  • In Mexico, the Internet penetration rate is 70.1 percent, with a continuous increase. Mobile access is prevalent, reaching 90 percent of the population.

  • The average internet connection speed in Mexico is around 40 Mbps, which is gradually improving, but is still below the global average.

  • E-commerce is booming with 74 percent of internet users making purchases online, showing a steady growth in digital adoption.


In Mexico, the Internet landscape has witnessed major transformations in the past decade, reflecting the increasing reliance on digital communication in various fields. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the Internet penetration rate in the country, as of 2021, reached about 70.1 percent, which represents a continuous increase compared to previous years.

Internet connectivity in Mexico has become essential for daily life, being a key driver of communication, access to information, and participation in the digital economy. Mobile Internet access is prevalent, reaching 90 percent of the population, highlighting the importance of mobile devices for connectivity anytime, anywhere.

Despite these advances, the average internet connection speed in Mexico is around 40 Mbps, according to data from the Speedtest Global Index. Although there has been a gradual improvement, it is still below the global average. This indicates a need to continue improving the infrastructure to provide faster speeds and a smoother user experience.

In the field of e-commerce, a significant increase in digital adoption has been observed. According to the MX Internet Association, nearly 74 percent of Internet users in Mexico made online purchases in 2021. This growth reflects consumers' growing confidence in online transactions and the convenience offered by e-commerce.

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Internet connectivity has also been a major factor in education, especially with the increasing implementation of online education. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for internet access for distance learning has become critical, highlighting the need to improve digital infrastructure across the country.

In addition, while Mexico has seen significant progress in Internet penetration and the adoption of digital technologies, challenges remain in terms of speed of connection and equitable access. Continuous improvement of digital infrastructure will be essential to ensure that all sectors of Mexican society are able to fully benefit from the benefits of digital connectivity.

Goodbye waiting! Wi-Fi 7 has arrived to revolutionize your connectivity

The Wi-Fi Alliance officially introduced Wi-Fi 7 technology during CES 2024 in Las Vegas, marking an important milestone in the evolution of connectivity technologies. This new standard promises to revolutionize the Internet connection experience by offering significant improvements in speed and efficiency.

Wi-Fi 7 comes as a natural successor to Wi-Fi 6, offering key advancements to meet the growing demands for connectivity in the digital age. One of the highlights is the significant increase in speed. Wi-Fi 7 is expected to provide much faster data transfer speeds, resulting in a smoother browsing experience, faster downloads, and an improved ability to handle multiple connected devices simultaneously.

In addition, the new standard also addresses spectral efficiency, allowing for more intelligent use of available radio frequencies. This means that Wi-Fi 7 can deliver optimal performance even in crowded environments with many connected devices, such as smart homes, offices, or public spaces.

Another key aspect is latency optimization, which means a significant reduction in the response time of devices connected to the network. This benefits applications and services that require quick responses, such as online gaming, video calls, and virtual reality applications.

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Although widespread adoption of Wi-Fi 7 will take some time, consumers can expect that new devices released in the coming years will gradually integrate this advanced technology. However, to take full advantage of Wi-Fi 7, you'll need routers and access points that support this standard.

However, the announcement of Wi-Fi 7 represents an exciting step into the future of wireless connectivity, offering significant improvements in speed, efficiency, and responsiveness. With the introduction of the technology, users will be able to enjoy faster and more reliable internet experiences on their connected devices.

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